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Scivation promises to be an ideal ally for anyone who wants to take care of their figure, lead an active life and improve overall health.

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36% dtoXtend - 1.36kg
Xtend - 1.219kgScivation
Xtend Scivitation is a muscle builder supplement that burns more fat and improves endurance and...
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8% dtoXtend - 458g
Xtend - 458gScivation
Xtend Scivitation is a muscle builder supplement that burns more fat and improves endurance and...
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Xtend pro whey isolate - 2.3kg
Xtend Pro Whey Isolate - 2.3 kgScivation
Xtend Pro Whey Isolate from Scivation is an ultra-pure whey protein combined with BCAAs. It is...
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Achieving optimal sports performance is the main objective of athletes, but it is very difficult to achieve it without supplementation, therefore, Scivation arises with the idea of offering products suitable to achieve any physical goal, characterized by being an innovative brand by selecting ingredients that are scientifically proven to improve performance and quality of life for athletes. It offers an excellent variety of training supplements, from pre and post workout products to advanced amino acid drinks.

Scivation is an American brand that emerged in 2004 hand in hand with Mike McCandless who founded its first headquarters in Burlington, North Carolina, with the aim of redefining the nutritional industry by developing important advances in quality products and the reach of millions of people in all the world. Since then, Scivation has been focusing on formulating, selling and marketing nutritional supplements developed based on science and innovation, for which it has a multidisciplinary team in its factories, which range from scientists, nutritionists to elite athletes, everything in order to research, develop, produce and test each of the products they offer, thus achieving a high level of quality and generating trust among its consumers.

Beginning in 2017, it is incorporated as a subsidiary of Nutrabolt, bringing a new line of XTEND brand products, which offers BCAAs and electrolytes in deliciously flavored and high quality powdered mixtures to aid recovery, hydration and conditioning muscle mass. However, Scivation had previously revolutionized this category when it added electrolytes to its composition in 2011 and the patented PEAKO2 to innovate XTEND Perform in 2015.

Scivation is one of the brands that is unconditionally committed to the excellence of manufacturing, research and results. From the acquisition of raw materials until the product reaches the consumer all the supplements are submitted to processes of production with strict and rigorous quality controls. Scivation, first, specifies the primordial properties and then these are subjected to tests of moisture, particle size, morphology, dissolution time and flavor system, which are extremely essential elements to produce nutritionally functional products.

Scivation is not willing to settle for having a common place in what sports nutrition is concerned, on the contrary, it is a company that does things well, therefore, thoroughly investigates and specifies each of the properties of the products and even more when it is known that it is delicate and complex biological machinery. It also has a team of scientists who constantly compile information on the effectiveness of structures, effects of ingredients and the best methods to offer safe and effective products, which is a meticulous and relevant science that provides fundamentals of the most outstanding supplements on the market.

For Scivation a product without scientific backing is of no use, much less when it comes to building the best physiques. The good news is that you will continue this approach to advance the creation of very optimal and fully guaranteed supplements.