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Red Style Gloves - Scitec Wear

Red Style Gloves from Scitec Wear are high quality sports gloves designed to keep your hands protected and comfortable when lifting weights. They come made of a highly resistant material, these gloves are designed for professional bodybuilders who need a stronger protection than beginners.

    Red Style Gloves from Scitec Wear, ideal for lifting your weights more comfortably and smoothly and without complications, or for use in other physical activity.

    Red Style Gloves from Scitec Wear is the perfect sports accessory for your gym days, available in red and black, are much heavier and harder than the basic gloves. They are made to withstand heavy weights, as they are thicker than normal gym gloves. Red Style Gloves from Scitec Wear provides a protective barrier between your hands and the bars.

    Red Style Gloves from Scitec Wear provides you with a stronger grip, minimizing the chances of you dropping the weights by a weak grip. These gloves also help absorb sweat and perspiration, keeping your hands dry. Red Style Gloves from Scitec Wear features a sturdy velcro strap for a perfect and safe fit, at your fingertips.

    Red Style Gloves from Scitec Wear are the definitive protective gloves that make possible a more intense training are made in black and red synthetic leather with super resistant double stitching, velcro adjustment and elastic mesh closure and velcro to the wrist that guarantees a perfect fit. And this glove is available for all sizes so no one will be left out. Without these gloves, your hands are more prone to blisters and calluses, preventing you from reaching your full potential. Red Style Gloves from Scitec Wear make sure you exercise more gently and do not have to worry about sore hands while training. Free your ferocity and increase your inner strength with your Red Style Gloves from Scitec Wear!

    Facts of Red Style Gloves from Scitec Wear

    • High quality product
    • Ideal for lifting weights without complications
    • Fits your hands perfectly
    • Has a velcro strap for a perfect fit
    • Helps to remove sweat and perspiration
    • In black and red colors
    • Provides a protective barrier in your hands
    • Available in all sizes

    Red Style Gloves from Scitec Wear are the gloves offered by Scitec, the gloves of practical use to lift weights comfortably and without complications, which have been designed under the highest standards of quality and made of the best materials, that will make it your ideal sports accessory for protecting your hands when lifting weights. They are also soft and comfortable, for any other physical activity. Do not miss this opportunity and acquire this very useful product, which will help you to get in shape, in order to improve your quality of life. What are you waiting? Wear it now!

    Recommended use: as a sports accessory, wear in trainings or competitions.

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