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Gloves Girl Power from Scitec are a training gloves specially designed for women. In leather and elastic breathable fabric, with ergonomic design, very comfortable. With padded pad and non-slip. They improve grip and safety, protect hands, avoid corns and blisters.

    Gloves Girl Power from Scitec Wear: Women's Gloves, Protectors for the Gym.

    Gloves Girl Power from Scitec Wear are specially designed training gloves for women.

    Made of comfortable and breathable fabric, pink, attractive design for the gym.

    Narrow wrists and adjustable strap with velcro.

    Made of black leather and soft elastic material, pink. In the section of the palm of the hand the material is padded, anatomically shaped and coated with anti-slip rubber.

    They improve grip, safety and protect hands from dumbbells or gym equipment. It avoids corns and blisters.

    Gloves Girl Power from Scitec Wear are basic female gloves for sports, attractive design, comfortable and very resistant.

    These gloves are designed to withstand daily and intense practice in training, providing comfort, improving grip and safety in exercise. It improves grip on bars, prevents slipping and absorbs perspiration helping to keep hands dry, prevents dryness, calluses and blisters.

    Scitec gloves are made with high quality materials, based on a very comfortable ergonomic design, especially in the area of the palms, where it has an anatomical, padded and soft.

    They fit perfectly, safely, with a Velcro strap.

    Facts of Gloves Girl Power from Scitec Wear:

    • Training Gloves for Women
    • Comfortable and breathable fabric
    • Ergonomic design
    • Anatomical shape on palms
    • Non-slip
    • Protects hands
    • Keeps hands dry
    • Avoids dryness
    • Avoids corns
    • Avoids blisters
    • Improves clamping
    • Increases safety
    • Narrow wrists
    • Adjustable with velcro strap
    • Attractive design
    • In black and pink

    Gloves Girl Power from Scitec are a training gloves specially designed for women, in leather and elastic fabric, with an attractive design in pink and black. From Scitec Nutrition with the highest quality.

    Questions and answers
    Quería saber cómo tallan estos guantes, ya que dudo entre la talla S o M. Y si son buenos para el fitness y coger bastante peso
    2018-08-20 20:38:39 Vanessa Golpe Tenreiro
    Hola si son unos guantes buenos si coge mucho peso quizas le interese mas lo que son las agarraderas ya que permiten manejar mas peso al agarrase a la barra o mancuernas,la talla depende de la mano, lo ideal si tiene alguna tienda Cercana de Masmusculo probarselo allí si no tiene siempre la opción de devolución si no le estuviera bien. Un saludo
    2018-08-21 10:27:16 Beltran
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