Scitec Premium Apparel

Scitec Wear is the sportswear line by Scitec Nutrition, one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of sports supplements in the European Union that markets its products in 42 countries worldwide.


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The Scitec sportwear line is characterized by its specific qualities that support sports performance without neglecting aesthetics and design. It has a wide variety of workout t-shirts made of technological materials, such as breathable fabric, fibers that repel perspiration and remain dry, improving comfort and helping to raise sports performance, as well as higher quality neoprene and materials that support the intensive training of professional athletes.

The models by the line of sports garments Scitec are developed based on the preferences of the sector, using modern colors and shades, as well as attractive prints with exclusive designs and motivational captions for the gym that reflect the performance and health goals according to the philosophy of the brand.

The garments of the sports line are not unisex, because the design of clothing for the gym emphasizes the preferences of men and women, with sizes suitable for all physiques that emphasize the cuts in men's garments and the silhouette in the Women's garments.

The products from the Scitec Wear line are consistent with the quality of the nutritional supplements developed by the company, which has focused on maintaining excellence in quality and processing, in accordance with the most demanding international standards.

Scitec Nutrition remains at the forefront of the sports nutrition sector, making the most effective and safe nutritional supplements, which are made in its laboratory plant of 12,000 sq mt, which allows the company to reach consumers with high purity and safety products at very competitive prices.

Scitec develops more than 200 different products in several lines, such as sports supplements for athletes, sports accessories and clothing by Scitec Wear, specially designed for performance.

Among its nutritional products, we can find: 100% Whey Isolate, 100% Whey Protein Professional, Jumbo, Hot Blood, Testopump, Big Bang, Creabomb, Multipro, BCAA 6400, Monster 100, Adipokill, Reform, Mass, Volumass, Perfect Fat Loss, Melatonin, Antiaging, Antioxidants, Vitamin C, Guarana and Ginseng, among others.

The Scitec Wear line offers high quality sportswear for use in and out of the gym while maintaining the goal of meeting the demand for high-intensity exercise-optimized garments that enhance comfort, performance, help maintain concentration and provide style clothing for athletes and sportspeople who prefer to look good while working out in the gym or in competitions.