Water Bottle Scitec from Scitec Nutrition is made of a high-strength plastic material. It has a wonderful sporty design. It will allow you to store any type of drinks, preserving their quality and flavor. With a design for easy use, with anti-spill nozzle so that the liquid does not drip.

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    Water Bottle Scitec from Scitec Nutrition is the indispensable accessory that allows you to comfortably store your drink and take with you wherever you want.

    Water Bottle Scitec from Scitec Nutrition is a sport accessory useful as a container for liquids, made mainly to transport drinks comfortably and guaranteeing a total absence of leaks. Made of the highest quality plastic and completely free from the harmful BPA (Biosphenol A), it is characterized by being very resistant, durable, and by its great ergonomic shape to be used and carried from one place to another, it also contains a capacity enough that it will guarantee a timely hydration according to your requirements.

    Water Bottle Scitec from Scitec Nutrition is ideal for people like you who know how important it is for physically active people to stay hydrated all day, a strong and reliable container to store water, juice, shake or any other sports or isotonic drink; With its smart design it offers a firm and secure grip while you drink, you can use it while you are training or doing any other daily activity.

    Water Bottle Scitec from Scitec Nutrition has a screw cap with a nozzle that prevents dripping and which is hermetically sealed guaranteeing the absence of leaks, so you can take it with you without worrying about spills and losses of your drink. Its nozzle is big enough so you can hydrate and quench your thirst in a faster and more comfortable way. You will feel safe and comfortable to have at your disposal always an adequate supply of water or your favorite drink and thus be able to satisfy your hydration needs wherever you want, especially in those moments of intense physical activity.

    Facts of Water Bottle Scitec from Scitec Nutrition

    • Easy to open and use.
    • Very comfortable, light and easy to transport.
    • Spectacular colors and designs.
    • Contains a nozzle against leaks and spills.
    • Very strong and durable.
    • Completely preserves the flavor and quality of the drink.
    • Made of a highly resistant plastic material.

    Water Bottle Scitec from Scitec Nutrition is your ideal option to take with you the drink you need; Whether it is a day of physical training, a walk, a stroll, or just in your everyday routine, this wonderful product will be there to offer you the fluid you need and help hydrate you; very comfortable and light to carry, you can bring it with you wherever you want, also has a very beautiful sports design. Take it, you will not regret it!

    Recommended use: as a container for liquids: pour the liquid of your choice into the bottle, close it and take it with you, drink it whenever you need it.

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