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Vitargo is a nutritional supplement created by Scitec that has an innovative carbohydrate formula that is ideal for athletes. Vitargo from Scitec provides the body with a fast and efficient load of energy by fully supplying glycogen stores. Scitec has created this product especially for athletes and sportsmen who require to achieve optimal results of daily training.

    Vitargo! from Scitec gives the body an explosion of energy by replenishing the reserves of glycogen in the muscles. It is a 100% pure product, which surpasses in 70% to 80% to any other carbohydrate of the market. The formula created by Scitec achieves a faster loading of glycogen, causes no stomach problems and is ideal for consuming accompanied by creatine supplements. Also Vitargo! from Scitec has a version without aspartame.

    This formula achieved by Scitec offers a fast and efficient way to charge energy in the form of carbohydrates, preventing the generation of gases. It also fully supplies glycogen stores and accelerates the result of each workout to the maximum.

    Vitargo! from Scitec is a scientifically approved supplement with different clinical trials showing sub effectiveness. It also has a higher efficiency percentage than any other sports drink. Studies have shown that Vitargo! from Scitec circulates 80% faster through the stomach, and in that way completes 70% faster glycogen stores of muscles.

    Vitargo! from Scitec is a nutritional supplement that is consumed by athletes and sportsmen. Sometimes during the competition period, athletes suffer from unpleasant stomach disorders, which is why you need an analysis of the drinks that are ingested during a long training session, as well as supplements that are consumed in the form of carbohydrates. Choosing high quality carbohydrates and purity is essential to get the best results and prevent stomach problems.

    Carbs that degrade easily, of short molecular structure like glucose syrup, increase the risk of suffering from stomach problems. A carbohydrate chemically similar to starch, which is of long molecular structure like Vitargo's, is ideal for achieving great results.

    To better understand a higher degradation rate of a starch equals a higher osmolarity in water, this osmolarity affects the notoriously to the stomach and water is retained in the stomach. An index of low osmolarity is found in the hypotonic solutions, that is, the more hypotonic the more agile is the transit of the same through the stomach to reach the intestine, where energy consumption occurs. A low osmolarity also causes a pumping of the charge into the bloodstream.

    Vitargo! from Scitec offers the lowest osmolarity of all ultra-hypotonic solutions on the market. It reduces the risk of getting stomach problems and is the best option to achieve an immediate energy supply.

    The different clinical studies conducted at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden have shown that Vitargo charges and recharges carbohydrates more effectively than other carbohydrate drinks.

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