Scitec Nutrition Trans-X Celvoluminizador transport system TRANS - X ? It is the system of transport celvoluminizador of the new millennium.

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    Usos Generate ATP and cell volumizing effect, Gaining muscle mass and strength, Gain muscle mass
    Usos Ganar Peso, Performance increase, Gain muscle mass
    When should it be taken? Shake and take dosed or dilute, Dissolve in liquid and mix, After training
    How many times? From one to two services, Once or twice a day
    How many times? Once or twice a day
    When should it be taken? After training, Before and/or after training

    Scitec Nutrition Trans-X
    Celvoluminizador transport system

    TRANS - X ? It is the system of transport celvoluminizador of the new millennium. With has all the effective and popular lares substances cell volumizing and regenerating ATP ingredients combined with a third generation transport system. TRANS - X ? It is the last anabolic supplement for the faster ga nancias in muscle strength and size. The powerful dose of 12 grams of creatine with ribose will create a synergistic effect unbeatable which is also facilitated by the formula of mineral support for cellular regeneration Vition ? patented by Scitec Nutrition ?. A generous amount of glutamine, BCAAS and arginine is included to ensure that the body is in an anabolic State and that the immune system is properly maintained.

    76 Grams of dextrose is the basis for the third generation transport system. When consumed, the insulin response will be sufficiently quick and strong and so the body can use to maximize all important anabolic ingredients of TRANS - X ?. Also taken at times certain strategically as just after training, waking up, the formula helps to recharge the depleted muscle glycogen stores to the maximum. The main characteristic of the advanced transportation system ingredient is lipoic acid. It is the only substance insulin more effective cover.

    Directions: In the phase of load (5 days) take TRANS - X ? two times a day when you wake up in the morning and after training. For maintenance, consume it only after the ento entrenami or when you wake up in the morning in the days without entrenami ento. Consume at least 500 ml of fluid to dilute a serving and perma dispenser well hydrated throughout the day.

    Supplement Facts
    Serving size: 50 g

    Protein 0 g
    Total carbohydrate 81 g
    Fat 0 g
    12 G Creatine monohydrate
    Ribose 2.2 g
    1 G glutamine
    Taurine 1 g
    Arginine 1 g

    Vition ? 380 mg
    Lipoic-acid 250 mg

    Reviews trans-x 3500g

    • 01/12/2016

    En cuanto a los resultados , es un producto efectivo. Al menos a mi me ha funcionado bastante bien . El sabor es algo menos agradable, pero no digo que sea malo

      • 07/15/2015

      Exelente voluminizador para ese empujon extra a la hora de obtener potencia y fuerza,lo cual se traduce en un aumento significativo de la masa muscular.

        • 03/03/2013

        Uno y no mas. Con muchos productos te los compras porque esperas unos determinados resultados, que son los que te venden... este no es uno de esos para mi pensar. Habra gente que le funcione, no es mi caso.

          • 02/03/2013

          bueno produto, precio/calidad. el sabor es muy bueno, naranja! ganei 3 kilos en 2 meses

            • 02/01/2013

            Buen producto y économico si lo q quieres es auentar tu controno. lo recomiendo para tal fin

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