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Brownie flavoured with chocolate and a high content of proteins and fibers, necessary for an ideal performance in training. Protein Brownie is a mixture for brownies that contains half of the recommended daily intake of fibers. Nourish your body with the proteins and fibers you need and enjoy its delicious chocolate flavour.

    Protein Brownie, Chocolate brownie with proteins and fibers!

    Protein Brownie is a powder to make chocolate brownies with a delicious chocolate flavour and containing mineral proteins and fibers. It is a perfect brownie for all those who have given up chocolate for fear of getting fat. Chocolate rich in proteins!

    Protein Brownie is the chocolate brownie you can not stop eating! Scitec Nutrition always thinks of you, and knows how difficult is to give in to cravings. And they also know quite well the rich smell and taste of chocolate, so now you can enjoy a rich and nutritious brownie with protein and fiber so you do not affect your training negatively. A Protein Brownie meets half of the fibers that any nutritionist would recommend a day. That's right, a Brownie meets half the daily intake! Powder to bake a delicious brownie with taste of chocolate! The brownie powder you were looking for!

    Protein Brownie is an ideal brownie powder for those who lead a lifestyle full of demanding physical activities, and is rich in protein and fiber. In fact it is possible to cook the protein needs of athletes and sportsmen and also leave them to fabulous taste of chocolate. Protein Brownie contains different protein sources, even contains the nine branched chain amino acids (BCAAs). Moreover, its proteins come from the whey and the egg white. This brownie powder in addition to being delicious helps you maintain and gain muscle mass. Chocolate is very tasty, rich and delicious, and also affects your diet negatively. But Scitec Nutrition and Protein Brownie do not! Protein Brownie can be baked in a few minutes, just pour the powder into the container and add water then to put in the stove, as a result you will have delicious brownies that make your mouth water!

    Now you can prepare a delicious chocolate brownie that instead of hurting your diet, will help you with the training! Protein Brownie is the product of your dreams, enjoy the fantastic chocolate flavour while helping your body and get the proteins and fibers that you need in your training. No more guilt when going through the Snacks section, and you can indulge in eating those sweets you like when training. Do not stop eating at ease! Enjoy chocolate with Protein Brownie! Scitec Nutrition knows the suffering of athletes when going through the stores, those cravings, and that desire to enjoy a chocolate bar, a muffin, or even an ice cream. Furthermore, they are things that they want but that they should not eat. But there is a solution, you can easily bake your Protein Brownies with a delicious chocolate aroma that will provide you with the proteins and fibers you need. And with a wonderful flavour! You just have to add water to Protein Brownie and you will have a delicious and nutritious Brownie in no time!

    Facts of Protein Brownie

    • Easy to do.
    • Helps gain and maintain muscle mass.
    • Delicious chocolate flavour.
    • Great source of proteins and fibers.

    Delicious chocolate aroma, rich in proteins and fibers! Protein Brownie is the most delicious and nutritious protein brownie powder you could find! Great taste and amazing benefits with every bite!

    Recommended use: preheat the oven. Mix a dose of product powder (125 g) with 150 ml of water in a bowl with a spoon or blender until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Pour the mixture on a tray and bake for 15-20 minutes over medium heat (180-200 ° C). Taste cooking with a needle before finishing baking. Cool and enjoy Protein Brownie.

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