Protein Breakfast is an excellent breakfast rich in proteins that contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass, as well as helps in improving the digestive process. It is ideal for all those who lead a very active life or exercise constantly. It can be prepared in shakes, juices or desserts.

Protein breakfast - 700g

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    What do you take it for? Healthy Food: sportspeople and / or diet
    How is it taken? Mix in water to create a homogeneous mixture
    Size per dose One service
    How many times? Once or twice a day
    When should it be taken? A gusto del consumidor
    Usos Feeding

    Protein Breakfast from Scitec Nutrition with sweetener.

    Protein Breakfast from Scitec Nutrition is an excellent breakfast that is made from oats and whey proteins, this brings quality and energy nutrients to consumers throughout the morning.

    Protein Breakfast from Scitec Nutrition is a product that has included in its formulation the oats. This is a serial that gives many benefits in athletes' diets because it is a source of low GI hydrates, healthy fats, proteins, fibers and micronutrients. Also, oats are a slow assimilation carbohydrate, meaning that its digestion will be performed progressively and this is what allows them to maintain stable levels of glucose in the blood. Likewise, oats favors satiety in people, this means that this cereal is suitable for eating at breakfast because it helps control the appetite throughout the morning, in addition this is a cereal containing fibers which contribute In good intestinal functioning and also possesses beta-glucans which absorb cholesterol. 

    Facts of Protein Breakfast from Scitec Nutrition

    • It is a healthy source of low GI carbohydrates.
    • It is a powder containing oat flakes, protein and sweetener, which makes it a perfect breakfast.
    • It is ideal for all those who want to take a healthy and balanced diet.
    • Thanks to its high fiber content, it contributes to the improvement of digestive health.
    • It has delicious flavors such as brownie, chocolate and strawberry.
    • It contains traces of milk and its derivatives.
    • The formula of this protein breakfast has been enriched with proteins that are derived from whey, glutamine and is rich in BCAA. These are the most important amino acids for the development and maintenance of muscle mass.

    It is ideal for all those people who are looking for a complete breakfast, that contains great contributions of lasting energy and that at the same time takes care of the digestive system. This Protein Breakfast has been specially designed for all those individuals who are active or simply practice some type of sport that seeks a balanced breakfast that will help them improve their sports performance and maximize their muscular development. This product is ideal to add to smoothies or to dessert recipes. Get it today! What are you waiting for? 

    Recommended Use: Mix a dose of approximately 100 g in 150 ml of water, shake vigorously to a suitable consistency. Then let it sit for at least 1 to 2 minutes before taking it. It is preferable that it be consumed in the mornings.

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