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Marine Collagen - 300 g

The excellent and very highly recommended Marine Collagen from Scitec Nutrition is a dietary supplement, which reinforces your diet with the high purity and high bioavailability of the best hydrolyzed collagen. In particular, this product helps you to keep your connective tissues in a magnificent state, completely healthy, strong and elastic.

    Taking a product based on collagen was never so tasty and effective. Since its formula offers greater purity, digestibility and a delicious flavor.

    Marine Collagen from Scitec Nutrition is a supplement that has been prepared with an excellent formula based on marine collagen. This product intensifies the daily dose of collagen in the body, so it is very suitable to take care of the structure of cartilage, skin, and bones, and keep it healthy. In addition, the composition of this wonderful supplement was enriched with the always valuable vitamin C, in order to further contribute to the natural formation of the collagen protein.

    Marine collagen is an essential protein found spontaneously and naturally in almost all the skeletal structure of your body. In that sense, it has a fibrous composition, a little gelatinous, and its main action allows the cohesion, elasticity, and correct regeneration of tendons, ligaments, dermis, and bones, which gets better with every intake of this wonderful product made by Scitec Nutrition.

    Marine Collagen from Scitec Nutrition is not only the best market to be able to take care of such parts of your body. It also helps meet the requirements of collagen, which normally, your diet demands, and more if you practice sports intensely, are old, or you do not eat foods abundant enough in collagen. In this case, this supplement gives you 10 g of collagen per serving, an amount more than enough to activate the effects of such substance, so beneficial for your tissues.

    Generally, Marine Collagen from Scitec Nutrition is of great purity, and fast absorption because it has been extracted, naturally, from the most nutritious parts of certain fish, such as the skin and the skeleton, which, provide a huge and concentrated richness in collagen, this being very useful when you take it. In addition, this product is reinforced with an additional amount of vitamin C in order to contribute exceptionally with the organic formation of collagen, and thus, exceptionally favor the ideal maintenance of your cartilage, bones, and skin.

    By taking the highly recommended Marine Collagen from Scitec Nutrition, you will recover the strength and elasticity of your tissues, and the most pleasant thing is that you will be doing that by enjoying a mouth-watering flavor, without sugars added. Therefore, it is a successful and highly desired nutritional supplement to enjoy the properties of collagen, without having to resort to the strong flavor of fish, let alone consume large quantities. Luckily, this product incorporates an exquisite fruit flavor for you to enjoy it.

    Facts of Marine Collagen from Scitec Nutrition

    • Excellent marine collagen, hydrolyzed, high purity.
    • Quickly and effectively absorbed.
    • Enriched with vitamin C, for even better effects.
    • With zero sugar.
    • Delicious mix, with fruity flavor.
    • Provides 10 g of collagen per dose.

    If you want very healthy skin and cartilage, then take Marine Collagen from Scitec Nutrition. Thanks to its rich flavor and high bioavailability, it will offer you the dose you need to provide your body with nutritious collagen. Do not think it twice, stay healthy!

    Recommended use: mix a serving of 12 g, (1 and 1/3 dispenser), in 300 ml of water, and drink, do it daily.

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