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Grip Pad Scitec - Scitec Wear

Grip Pad Scitec from Scitec is all that is needed to achieve a desired bodybuilding and avoid injuries during training because of its properties offers a more comfortable grip, decreases the appearance of hardness, provides greater firmness and protects the joints. In addition, it has a breathable and non-slip effect to give everything in the gym without any limitation.

    Grip Pad Scitec from Scitec, breathable and firm for a secure grip during training.

    Grip Pad Scitec from Scitec is exactly what an athlete needs at the time of training since it offers a more comfortable grip, prevents the appearance of hardness, provides greater firmness and best of all is that it protects the joints of the fingers when lifting much weight or perform movements prolonged over time.

    In addition, it has an advanced anatomical design that allows high freshness and breathability. Usually, people when going to the gym only include in their outfit a pair of sports shoes, a T-shirt and a special pants to give everything in each movement, nonetheless, the use of supplements that help to better execute the exercise are still much more important, because of these depends the grip of the weights and the support of many amounts of weight, therefore, the use of Grip Pad Scitec from Scitec cannot miss before you start.

    Grip Pad Scitec from Scitec is made of the best textile materials to offer a proper grip in the training since holding a dumbbell or raising an exercise bar helps sweating does not impair performance in the first place because it has breathable properties and on the other hand, it has the advantage of being non-slip. Now, many dumbbells or sports machines often have built-in padded elements to provide a better grip and lift, but the reality is that most are not comfortable.

    The good news is that Grip Pad Scitec from Scitec is the ideal grip with high comfort and adaptability that helps to reduce discomfort, both in joints and hands. Another of its advantages is that it prevents the appearance of hardness or small injuries, thus becoming indispensable in each training.

    Facts of Grip Pad Scitec from Scitec

    • Offers greater comfort in gripping dumbbells or bars.
    • Prevents the appearance of hardness on the skin of the hands.
    • Provides firmness.
    • Has breathable and non-slip benefits.
    • Advanced anatomical design for greater softness and freshness.
    • Made with the best textile materials and maximum technology.
    • Protects joints from impacts and impacts.

    In sports and fitness to really observe positive changes you need to take a good diet, consume supplements, train with motivation, and also, it is a requirement the use of supplements that help achieve the objectives, therefore, Grip Pad Scitec from Scitec cannot be missing in order to give everything and achieve the desired body.

    Recommended Use: Use as a fastener in training to lift heavy weights or bars. Hand wash and let dry in the shade.

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