G-BOMB MULTI-VECTOR OF SUPER GLUTAMINE MATRIX The best glutamines to build muscles in a super-matrix The most stable glutamines of more high biological value Perfumed powder without sugar and free of aspartame Package in bags of 1 or 2 rations: precise rations, maximum comfort 

G-Bomb - 500 g

30,90 €

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What do you take it for? Anticatabolic effect, protective muscle, Anticatabolic effect
How is it taken? Dissolve in liquid and mix
Size per dose One service
How many times? Once or twice a day, From one to five times a day
When should it be taken? On an empty stomach before and after training, Before training and going to bed
Usos Evitar Catabolismo


  • The best glutamines to build muscles in a super-matrix
  • The most stable glutamines of more high biological value
  • Perfumed powder without sugar and free of aspartame
  • Package in bags of 1 or 2 rations: precise rations, maximum comfort

The amino acid glutamine - that in its form of supplement is very known and popular - constitutes 60% of the free amino acids of muscles and is very necessary in all the parts of the body. The internal and the immunological system are fed on glutamine, that this way is necessary to conserve the health.

The glutamine increases the synthesis of the protein, it diminishes the decomposition of the muscular tissue and the cortisol level, and increases the cellular volume of muscles. Also the glutamine is able to increase up to 400% the production of natural growth hormone. But that is not everything, this amino acid stabilizes the sugar level in the blood, increases the deposits of glycogen and diminishes the anxiety for the sugar. The reality nevertheless is that, according to the investigations, after an intense training the glutamine level can be 50% lower in the body.

The unique problem with the glutamine supplements is that they normally only contain the simple form of free L-glutamine, that is very sensitive and unstable. In addition the normal glutamine ?turns aside? by the intestine and the immunological system. Although it is very important to feed these systems to maintain an optimal health, supporting indirectly the fight of the sportsmen to achieve a better performance and complexion, continues being a fact that the free form of L-glutamine has not been created to influence significantly and directly in the muscular cells.

In order to solve the problem we have constructed the G-BOMB formula in our own glutamine multi-vector matrix! that is made up of four types of glutamines. This one continues containing L-glutamine to assure the feeding of the intestine and the immunological system, but the other stable glutamines, of the highest biological value, with their different pharmacokinetic characteristics are able to arrive to the muscular cells and there achieve the important effects that the sportsmen wait from a glutamine product.

G-BOMB is a formula free of sugar and aspartame

Directions: Take one dose 30 minutes before the training and another one right after the training. G-BOMB can be useful at other moments of the day, for example before sleeping. G-BOMB can be applied several times a day between the meals to diminish the hunger and the anxiety for the sugar during the diet. How much: 6 daily doses can be taken. Mix one dose (14 g. - a full measure spoon, more or less, or a soup spoon) with approx 300 ml of cold water.

Important warning: This product contains active agents that modify the absorption that can be able to influence in the absorption of your medecines and the effects of them! Before beginning to use this product consult with your doctor.

Supplement Facts
per dose 14 g.

Number of doses per bag: 1
Calories: 12 kcal
Carbohydrates: 2,9 g
Sugar: 0 g

Matrix of glutamine multi-vector G-BOMB 10 g.
Analog of acetylated glutamine: N-acetil, L-glutamine
Variant of amino acid in free form: L-glutamine
Esterified molecule variant: ethyl ester glutamine
Dipeptide of stable glutamine: Alanyl L-glutamine

Intensifiers of absorption 50 mgs.
(Naringin, Bioperine?)

Other components: natural and artificial maltodextrine, aromas, sucralose, acesulfame-k, dye.

Reviews G-Bomb 2.0 - 500 g

  • 01/06/2013

La mejor glutamina que he tomado. Ayuda muchisimo a la recuperación. Lo noto sobretodo los dias posteriores a entrenar pierna. Ayuda a combatir las agujetas y recuperas antes. Ademas, para dietas de definicion ayuda mucho a no perder musculo.
Es un producto caro pero la calidad lo merece.
Eso si, yo, por toma, pongo menos de un cazo; como la mitad mas o menos.

  • 07/24/2017

Buen sabor, buena disolución.
Envío muy rápido.
Relación calidad-precio muy buena
Perfecto para recuperación nocturna y pocas calorías

  • 08/12/2016

Lo primero que se ve del producto es que las dosis son pequeñas y el bote bastante grande, por lo que de precio sale muy bien. El sabor naranja, muy bueno. Lo tomaré antes de entrenar y por las noches, acompañado de BCAA

  • 07/12/2016

Un buen recuperador aunque quizas un poco caro...la marca hay que pagarla

  • 11/26/2015

Aumenta fuerza y masa muscular. Buen sabor. Ideal para tomar antes del entreno.

  • 11/23/2015

lo mejor en glutamina, efectivo, buen sabor, esencial para cualquier deportista sin duda...

  • 05/15/2015

de lo mejor en glutaminas

  • 05/15/2015

esencial para ganar volumen, no puede faltar

  • 05/15/2015

Muy efectivo para personas que como yo tenemos un sueño nervioso, frenando el catabolismo nocturno. Buen sabor.

  • 05/15/2015

La glutamina perfecta y el sabor naranja el muy recomendable.

  • 05/11/2015

esencial para recuperarte y entrenar a hierro

  • 12/23/2014


  • 09/12/2014

un'altra glutammina fantastica come quelle dalla san nutrition, funziona alla grande recupero molto più veloce provati gusti tè al limone che è a dir poco fantastico, e limonata quasi imbevibile per il resto tutto ottimo.

  • 02/10/2014

La mejor glutamina del mercado,rapidisima asimilacion,a mi personalmente me encanta el sabor naranja.

  • 02/25/2013

Buen producto en cuanto a resultados, visibles en poco tiempo, teniendo como parte negativa su mal sabor (he probado el sabor naranja), parecido a frenadol, lo que hace que su consumo no sea agradable.

  • 01/09/2013

La mejor glutamina tiene 4 fuentes y tiene un sabor muy bueno.

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