Cashew Cream manufactured by Scitec is a 100% natural product that brings different proven benefits to the body. Cashew Cream from Scitec is a great source of protein, fats and carbohydrates and helps maintain the balance of the diet. In addition, this product maintains good heart health.

Cashew butter - 500 g

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    What do you take it for? Healthy Food: sportspeople and / or diet
    How is it taken? With meal/ s
    Size per dose From two to three tablespoons
    How many times? From one to three times a day
    When should it be taken? At any time of the day
    Usos Feeding

    Cashew Cream from Scitec is a food supplement that does not contain sugar, salt or palm oil.

    Cashew Cream from Scitec is perfect to be consumed by athletes who need to balance the diet.

    Scitec has developed this dietary supplement which is a natural source of protein, carbohydrates and fats. This formula has monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. The replacement of saturated fats by unsaturated in the diet, benefits to the maintenance of the appropriate levels of cholesterol. Reducing sodium intake, benefits the maintenance of normal blood pressure. In addition, it tastes delicious and brings energy. So the Cashew Cream from Scitec is an ideal supplement.  

    Cashews offer an exceptional flavor and also numerous health benefits. It is a source of protein, vitamins, minerals, which promotes a healthy lifestyle and improves mood. Scientific studies are really incredible and have proven to help make nutritional adjustments that improve the body. 

    Cashew Cream from Scitec acts as an antioxidant that cares for the health of the heart, for its cardio-protective qualities. Cashew nuts also contain a high level of alkyl phenols which are co-factors for numerous enzymes, such as copper, magnesium or selenium. Studies have shown that cashews reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and death rates due to cardiovascular conditions in people consuming this ingredient. 

    The formula of Cashew Cream from Scitec also provides magnesium that keeps bones, gums and teeth strong. This antioxidant offers numerous benefits for the oral cavity, strengthening the gums and preserving the teeth in the long term. It also regulates high blood pressure, because a low level of magnesium causes high blood pressure in addition to muscle cramps, spasms and strains. Magnesium fights migraine headaches by achieving a clear mind.

    Cashew Cream from Scitec contains a lot of protein and unsaturated fats. It has way less fat than other kinds of nuts. The best of ingesting cashew butter is raw, so it has the highest levels of nutrients, thus being healthier.

    Facts of Cashew Cream from Scitec

    • It is an excellent nutritional supplement to enrich the daily diet.
    • It is a 100% natural product that brings vitamins, minerals and nutrients to the body.

    Cashew Cream from Scitec will also reduce the weight of your body, due to its mineral content such as manganese, copper, phosphorus and magnesium. 

    Recommended Use: Cashew Cream from Scitec should be consumed in one-dose or 25-gram intakes around meals or physical activity. This product may contain traces of other nuts.

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