Ultimate Grip 1900 from Schiek is a perfect pair of gloves that have been created for the execution of a great variety of trainings or pull-or-push exercises, ensuring a better and confident grip, plus a good support for your wrists, serving adequately for lifting weight.

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Ultimate Grip 1900 from Schiek: the perfect accessory for training, ideal for your comfort and safety.

The wonderful Ultimate Grip 1900 from Schiek is a pair of gloves that is very comfortable, because it is a product especially designed and made for athletes, gymnasts and sportsmen, in order to make it easier to do workouts. These gloves will protect your wrists and hands, thus avoiding the sweating of them, the appearance of hard skin or annoying calluses as a result of training.

There is no better pair of gloves for practicing sports than Ultimate Grip 1900 from Schiek, a pair of gloves made of a hard-wearing material which is also very flexible to perform correctly the movements of the hands and wrists, an ideal material that allows the correct ventilation and, as a result, to avoid at all times sweaty and slippery hands, which is very annoying when training. In addition to the incredible comfort and effectiveness you enjoy when you pull them on to do workouts such as pull and push exercises, these amazing gloves have an easy and quick way to pull them on.

The most incredible of Ultimate Grip 1900 from Schiek is its modern and comfortable design that allows it to be combined with virtually any other sportswear, which is great to look amazing and modern when training. Moreover, it is totally resistant to all kinds of exercises thanks to its hard-wearing high-quality material. This product is a shining example that comfort and style can be combined. In addition, it is a pair of gloves of great effectiveness when it comes to keep your wrists and hands in good condition at all times, without any problem. So, you will show great confidence, especially during your training sessions. Ultimate Grip 1900 from Schiek has a unique and wonderful design, with a black color that highlights the name of the brand that has created this wonderful pair of sports gloves, being a unique and wonderful product in terms of design.

If you want a quality sports accessory, that is, hard-wearing, comfortable and combinable with other sports accessories, then Ultimate Grip 1900 from Schiek is the product that will fulfill your wishes in the best possible way, showing its effectiveness from the very first time you pull them on to the avoid the appearance of annoying calluses and hard skin, the sweating of your hands and, of course, you will enjoy incredible protection of your wrists and hands. Ultimate Grip 1900 from Schiek is perfect for all kinds of sportsmen, athletes and many others who strive to be better every day in their trainings.

Facts of Ultimate Grip 1900 from Schiek

  • Ensures a better grip.
  • With anti-slip material.
  • Has a modern design.
  • Comfortable.
  • Protect the wrists.
  • Made of flexible and hard-wearing material.
  • Prevents your hands from getting sweaty.
  • Easy to pull on.

Ultimate Grip 1900 from Schiek is a product perfect for anyone who wants to perform their daily workouts safely and comfortably, while enjoying a modern and unique design.

Recommended use: as a sports accessory, it should be pull on before carrying out your workouts or daily exercises.

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