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Phil Heath 6x Mr. Olympia Custom Belt - Schiek

Phil Heath 6x Mr. Olympia Custom Belt from Schiek is an excellent accessory to take care of both the lower back and spine when lifting weights. Fairly wide and with a noticeable thickness. Made in genuine chamois leather. Its buckle has a double stainless steel tip.

    Phil Heath 6x Mr. Olympia Custom Belt from Schiek

    Phil Heath 6x Mr. Olympia Custom Belt from Schiek is an excellent accessory for those who do weightlifting or bodybuilding. This is a high strength belt. It has a width that reaches 10 centimeters. It has an important thickness that reaches 9 mm.

    Perfectly designed with genuine chamois leather material. It has a strong buckle with double stainless steel tip. In this case, it is offered as a large size belt, as it has the sign "6X". Due to its features, it manages to effectively protect the lower and middle area of the spine when making great efforts or lifting weights vertically. It is an accessory necessary to perform high intensity and strength exercises. This is due to the stability they provide in the abdominals and lumbars, thus managing to protect the spine from possible injuries. This product is made of excellent quality. Designed to be hard-wearing. It is ideal for bodybuilders and people who are dedicated to weightlifting.

    The use of a weightlifting belt is essential to increase the stability of the lower middle area of the spine. For this reason, several belts have been created according to the level of muscle work that needs to be carried out. In this case, Phil Heath 6x Mr. Olympia Custom Belt from Schiek was designed for intense as extreme exercises. Ideal for bodybuilders and weightlifters that support extremely heavy weights that require a lot of effort of the whole body. It can be said that the name of this product is due to the famous American bodybuilder Phil Heath, recognized for winning the Mr. Oliympia award and for giving secrets about bodybuilding exercises. It is a belt designed precisely for people who carry to the extreme their own training with the intention of achieving the highest and most ambitious goals.

    Facts of Phil Heath 6x Mr. Olympia Custom Belt from Schiek

    • Strong and hard-wearing
    • One of the widest in the market
    • Strong double-buckle stainless steel buckle
    • Protects the lower back
    • Prevents spinal injury
    • Perfect for lifting heavy weights
    • Ideal for bodybuilders and weightlifters

    Having a high-quality weightlifting belt is perfect for taking care of the spine and lower back area. When making an intense effort, this area receives a load that is not accustomed and requires additional support to prevent injuries.

    Recommended Use: it is recommended to use it at all times when lifting heavy weights, trying to adjust it quite accurately to ensure maximum safety.

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