Knee Kneepads 1170 Model 1170 - Schiek

Knee Kneepads 1170 Model 1170 from Schiek are a sports accessory, manufactured in an excellent material of neoprene, that will guarantee a maximum protection and relief during your trainings. Increase the support in your knees protecting your joints and improving your mobility.

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Kneepads 1170 Model 1170 from Schiek are the best professional kneepads, for the protection of your knee, resistant and high quality ideal for you.

Kneepads 1170 Model 1170 from Schiek is a bandage-type kneepad, made of extra strong neoprene to give maximum muscle and joint support. Soft, light, comfortable. It allows flexion and extension to provide a perfect fit, ideal for recovery from injury or to support muscles and joints during intense exercise. It will help relieve pain, improve mobility, and protect knee joints. In black with measures 7.6 cm wide and 2 meters long. They are essential for recovery from injury and are especially important for knee recovery but are equally important for protecting muscles and tendons during high intensity physical activity.

Kneepads 1170 Model 1170 from Schiek are made of neoprene, a very resistant material that supports the intense exercise without hindering the movement. It surrounds the knee and provides stability, allowing flexion and extension with comfort to keep pace in training. The knees are a part of the body subjected to intense physical stress, are the support of the body and weight, so the clamping by an elastic bandage supports and gives stability to the joints.

Kneepads 1170 Model 1170 from Schiek are made by Schiek Sports a company founded in March 1991 when it marketed its first belt, the best in the world known until that time. Since then Schiek Sports has maintained the same passion, integrity, credibility and customer service. Today Schiek products are sold in more than 80 countries around the world and offer more than 50 product lines. Most of Schiek products are made in the USA. And all of them were born of the requests of the customers and distributors. Schiek Sports offers the products that its customers want and demand to satisfy the needs that every good sportsman and bodybuilder deserves. Schiek Sports, leading edge guarantee and professional quality.

Facts of Kneepads 1170 Model 1170 from Schiek

  • Elastic protection kneepad
  • One-piece tube-type kneepad
  • Made in 4 mm ultra-tough perforated neoprene
  • This fabric repels moisture and reduces skin irritation
  • Provides excellent knee support
  • Black color design
  • Manufactured with the guarantee of Schiek Sports
  • Helps relieve pain
  • Improves mobility
  • Protects knee joints
  • Soft, light and comfortable

Kneepads 1170 Model 1170 from Schiek have been made of the highest quality material, with an elastic bandage design that adapts to all sizes and allows easy placement, comfortable and according to the needs of each individual. Its ultra-resistant velcro closure ensures maximum support and safety to ensure the best protection of the knees during each session.

Recommended Use: as a sports accessory, use Kneepads 1170 Model 1170 from Schiek during warm-up, and training, for better protection.

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