Ankle Straps 1700 from Schiek is an accessory essential for exercise routines. Thanks to it, you can lift weights without risking to suffer an injury. This pair of straps is completely comfortable and very reliable when exercising. It is capable of supporting any weight, thanks to its great strength. In addition, it is a product with a 100% adjustable band.

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Ankle Straps 1700 from Schiek complements and improves the practice of exercises to 100%.

The muscles of the lower part of the body also need to be exercised and toned up, for this reason, Ankle Straps 1700 from Schiek has been developed. If you want to boost your endurance or train with greater intensity during cardio exercises, this accessory will fulfill both roles. It is excellent both for working with a weight machine and for doubling the magnitude of the exercise.

In the same way, this product provides a much greater value to the sports life of any person. Whenever we are about to lift a very heavy weight, we are risking our condition, muscles and joints. However, with this accessory, you will enjoy a risk-free training. This product will gradually increase the effectiveness of your routines. What you could do in two or three weeks, with it, you will do it in just one.

Ankle Straps 1700 from Schiek mainly consists of two steel buckles, whose functionality is to equip or provide the required weight. It is covered by a strap made of 100% polyester. Finally, to join both parts and start the exercise, it includes a contact area made in excellent quality Velcro, which is a comfortable material that will help to perform very well the function of the exercise and leave the skin intact, without scratches. The quality of its materials is ruled by the comfort needed by athletes, especially for the cushioned feeling that it transmits.

This sports accessory has straps that are very easy to use and handle. In addition to being able to fit well to the upper part of the foot, they remain fixed throughout the exercises. There are many routines in which you could use it, especially in the calf raise, butt kick, lateral leg raise, leg extension, and if you want, you could apply them in cardio workouts, thus doubling the intensity. Thanks to this accessory, you will be able to appreciate the changes in your body sooner than you expect.

Facts of Ankle Straps 1700 from Schiek

  • Allows to use any weight machine and avoids injuries.
  • Provides an important value to leg exercises.
  • Protects the skin through physical effort.
  • Very comfortable, so it will not interfere with your exercise routine.

This is a product that will improve your workouts. Moreover, it will fulfill an important role in them, freeing you from bad experiences and injuries. We recommend you to buy this product so that you can enjoy the magnificent experience of exercising comfortably.

Recommended use: both straps must be adjusted on the right and left ankle, so that they are well fixed on both sides. Then, with the steel buckles that they bring in the back, hook up to the weight machine and start with the exercise.

gerlane soares dos santos 2018-07-17 00:25:49
Hola,estas vienen el par o solo una?gracias
Beltran 2018-07-17 10:34:56
Hola vienen las dos unidades.Un saludo
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