The exquisite Oatmeal from Scenit is the solution to be able to eat 100% healthy and correctly balanced foods. It is a completely natural product used by many people around the world, especially for the preparation of the tastiest and most succulent bakery and pastry recipes.

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With the exquisite Oatmeal from Scenit, it is now possible to prepare, for the enjoyment of all your family, those delicious recipes you like to prepare so much. Enrich your rich and healthy diet.

The delicious Oatmeal from Scenit is a product rich in fiber used for the preparation of pastry or bakery recipes.

An adequate product that meets your basic needs, but it is also suitable to prepare the recipes you love. In addition to being flexible, it provides a great consistency to any dishes in which you use it thanks to its natural ingredients.

Oatmeal from Scenit is an appetizing product, which in every intake will contribute to your diet excellent amounts of fiber, as well as high levels of energy. Plus, this flour improves any recipe by the incorporation of properties of oats, that is, excellent nutritional contributions for the proper functioning of the organism.

A flour which promotes a healthy and complete diet. The exquisite and highly recommended Oatmeal from Scenit contains all the vitamins, minerals and valuable proteins that the human body needs for proper operation. In addition, oatmeal also contributes to the correct building of muscle mass, and valuable regeneration of the organism. For this reason, it is also an excellent component that promotes sports performance, making your body work correctly during your workouts.

Oatmeal from Scenit allows you to prepare all kinds of recipes. It also offers a unique versatility that everyone seeks when it comes to cooking, thus when you buy this product, you have the magnificent possibility of being able to make more than one dish, such as biscuits, cakes, buns, pancakes and cookies. You can even add oatmeal to your shakes to take advantage of all its nutritional values in refreshing and delicious way. No doubt this is a great option if you choose to boost your healthy consumption naturally, in particular, receiving excellent levels of fiber, vitamins, proteins and minerals.

From its fiber content, this flour has the advantage of regulating the organism, especially the intestinal transit. Oatmeal from Scenit is a light product for the digestive system, that is, very easy to absorb. It is a low-fat product and also produces satisfying effects, so you can avoid nibbling between meals. Oatmeal from Scenit is not only rich and healthy, but also contributes to weight loss.

Facts of Oatmeal from Scenit

  • A flour enriched with oats.
  • Low in fat.
  • Offers high amounts of fiber.
  • Provides your diet with vitamins, proteins and minerals.
  • Has large amount of carbohydrates.
  • Excellent source of energy.

The delicious Oatmeal from Scenit allows you to prepare any recipe you want thanks to its versatility. In the same way, thanks to its natural components, it contributes high amounts of fiber, vitamins, proteins and minerals. Make the most delicious cookies or biscuits without ever giving your healthy eating habits. A flour that is conducive healthy, different and tasty eating every day.

Recommended use: Oatmeal from Scenit is a very flexible food supplement for the perfect preparation of exquisite pastry or bakery recipes. You can also prepare all kinds of appetizing sauces, or rich vegetable drinks.

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