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Tears Earrings - Saleyla

Tears Earrings from Saleyla are a beautiful and delicate earrings made with the best materials on the market, these earrings have a nice "tears" design and are available in a variety of colors, namely, black, white, blue, purple and orange. So, have some pairs and wear them at any time to look beautiful and elegant, but above all, unique and different.

    If you like jewellery that bring out your style, highlight your beauty and also go perfectly with everything you wear, then Tears Earrings from Saleyla will make you look beautiful and shining at all times.

    Tears Earrings from Saleyla are a couple of earrings made from high quality materials. They are a beautiful piece of jewellry made following a nice "tears" design, which consists of four beautiful tears connected to a delicate and versatile brooch to be tighten, which has a design with vertical fall attached with a resistant material and most importantly it does not deteriorate over time which ensures its durability.

    Tears Earrings from Saleyla is a versatile piece of jewellery that fits your lifestyle, as you can wear it as an accessory, plus it is an excellent choice for giving a gift to your loved ones on special occasions and as it is available in various colors, namely, white, black, blue, purple and orange, you can choose the one you like the most and thus surprise them and give them opportunity of enjoying a precious piece of jewellery.

    The products made by Saleyla are characterized for being innovative and are especially intended for that group of women who love and take delight in buying products with avant-garde designs that the help them bring out their beauty on any occasion, for such reason, this beautiful piece of jewellery can be worn by all those women who love to look beautiful at all times, especially those who like to coordinate their jewellery and clothes and wear them to go anywhere, therefore, Tears Earrings from Saleyla can be the best choice when you are going to buy some earrings.

    Facts of Tears Earrings from Saleyla

    • It is a beautiful pair of earrings.
    • It is made of high quality materials.
    • It is available in several colors: black, white, blue, purple and orange.
    • It features a vertical fall.
    • It has an adjusting brooch.
    • Its design looks like tears.
    • Its materials do not deteriorate over time.
    • It fits any style easily.
    • Its design is elegant and versatile.

    When you choose your accessories you go by those that identify you as a beautiful, fighter., elegant woman, and above all what ultimately make you choose one piece of jewellery over another is its adaptation to your lifestyle, therefore Tears Earrings from Saleyla is the perfect choice for giving yourself something beautiful and look very elegant, beautiful and shining at any time of the day. Buy some pairs of these practical and beautiful earrings and you will get all of that and more.

    Recommended use: put the earrings on your ear lobes, adjust the brooch and you can wear them at any time of the day.

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