Saleyla is a brand dedicated to researching trends, drawing ideas, selecting colors, fabrics and formulating custom designs that fit the personality of each user. It offers custom Bikinis, swimwear, competition suits, presentation of women's suits, men's suits and accessories. Its costumes are unique, with beautiful designs to enhance the physical appearance of users.


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The Saleyla brand was born from a dream inspired by beauty and art. The factory of this brand is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Its first creation of clothes was in 2005 with the collection Stay La Mode. Since that time they have presented avant-garde, unique and modern garments that reflect freedom, independence and confidence in its users. Saleyla has grown in the last 6 years, to position itself in a line of products of wide expansion, including bikini suits, swimsuits and sports clothes. Despite its great growth, Saleyla continues to be faithful to its principles of customization of products, each piece is handmade, having as main objective satisfying all athletes. The garments made by this manufacturer are professionally sewed in a smoke and animal free environment.

Why is Saleyla a different brand? Because its concept is to create a single design of a single type, in a limited edition it is combined with the non traditional combination of fabrics and the crystalline pattern that was designed for the figure, fitness and athletes using Bikinis that enjoy to use unique designs with the best prices.

Each piece is designed carefully by Saleyla, with utmost care and professionalism. With the desire to express inspiration and ideas with the original glass patterns and cuts of the ideal and favorable figure that will complement your body and way of life. To have your style, you must be yourself, be authentic, trust your instincts, trust your heart. Saleyla offers its clients detailed planning of the design of their suit by telephone or email. It makes customized adjustments on their needs and measures. It create a basic suit according to accessories and offers warranty and adjustments at no cost.

Saleyla is passionate about the design of competition suits so each suit is a unique work, they are handmade. They aim to satisfy each and every competitor with their own unique and costumized suit to participate in figure, bikini or fitness competitions. Saleyla costumes and clothing are professionally cut and sewn in a healthy environment, free of smoke and pollutants. They have a line of luxury fabrics and a great variety of colors that highlight both the figure and beauty of competitors, uses only luxury 4-way velvets, holograms, hydrofoil and Italian spandex.

This is a brand that has focused on a market that may not be as covered in the moment as contests and competitions. This company is dedicated to making the best designs of bathing suits, heels, bikinis, among other things. Garments that highlight the client's body and in turn help him to get the prize he wants. It is the brand preferred by several recognized competitors.

When you use Saleyla designs, your statement is: I am free, independent and accept my challenges, I believe and make my dreams come true. I accept myself and I love myself. I believe in my dreams.