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R1 Whey Blend from Rule1 is a food supplement that concentrates the nutritional benefits of a 100% whey protein formula. Include in your sports diet this combination of 3 types of whey that contribute 24 grams of protein per dose and that contains essential amino acids (EEAAs) and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). It is also an excellent source of glutamine.

    R1 Whey Blend from Rule1 is a high-quality source of amino acids that you must consume to have great workouts. It is easy to mix and tastes great!

    R1 Whey Blend from Rule1 will provide you with the incredible nutritional power of 3 high-quality types of whey. Get a complete amino acid profile with essential amino acids (EEAAs) and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). It will also increase your glutamine levels healthily and has a format that makes it easy to dissolve and assimilate in the body. It also comes in delicious flavors that you will enjoy.

    What is R1 Whey Blend from Rule1?

    • A nutritional supplement made from three types of whey.
    • Contains 3 types of whey (a concentrate, an isolate and a hydrolyzate).
    • Easy to dissolve and assimilate by the digestive system.

    Ingredients and format of R1 Whey Blend from Rule1:

    Each 33 g dose of tart flavor supplement Birthday offers the following specifications:

    • Contains 2 g in fat that includes 1 g in saturated fat.
    • Has 65 mg of cholesterol.
    • Provides 75 mg of sodium.
    • Contributes 4 g in carbohydrates that includes 2 g in sugars.
    • Offers 24 g in protein.

    These values ​​may vary according to the flavor chosen.

    What is R1 Whey Blend from Rule1 taken for?

    R1 Whey Blend from Rule1 is a food supplement that you must have to enhance your physical capacity during your training. It is a combination of 3 types of high-quality whey which provides an excellent aminogram, with incredible bioavailability. It contains a whey concentrate, a whey isolate and a whey hydrolyzate, which will provide your diet with EEAAs and BCAAs. It also offers an excellent contribution of glutamine. It is also 100% instant, since it dissolves with great ease, either with a spoon or with a sports shaker.

    If you practice intense sports activities, you should have R1 Whey Blend from Rule1. Whey protein is possibly the most complete way to meet all your nutritional requirements when exercising. It will meet your important nutritional requirements in excess, which is essential for any person who practices any discipline. It will provide you with EEAAs and BCAAs, that is, essential and branched-chain amino acids that should not be missing if you want to have an excellent muscle growth. It will also provide you with glutamine naturally, which is vital for increasing your endurance. They also have great biological value, which means that your body will quickly assimilate most of its amino acids.

    Do not hesitate to acquire R1 Whey Blend from Rule1 if you want to build a strong and toned body. This supplement will improve the nitrogen balance, another necessary element for the regeneration and growth of muscle tissues. It will be very useful in any strength trainings and also in endurance trainings. You should make it part of your daily training.

    Recommended daily dose of R1 Whey Blend from Rule1:

    • Dissolve 33 g (1 measure from the dispenser) in 250 ml of water.
    • Drink before, during or after exercising.
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