Natural hake from Ribeira is a product made without ingredients harmful to our body, that is, it is perfectly natural. It is widely used by sportsmen and also by people who want to go on healthy diets for a better performance, which is possible due to its low-fat contents. Allowing to obtain proteins and minerals to keep the organism balanced.

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Natural hake from Ribeira. Fill your body with energy and strengthen your muscles!

Natural hake from Ribeira is known worldwide for its beneficial properties for the body. It is usually used as a supplement for nutrition based on nutritious diets. Its contents are based entirely on protein and Omega 3.

Natural hake from Ribeira is a product free of sugars and gluten, so it guarantees a healthy life, full of energy. Its practical and simple container make things much easier since you can take it wherever you go. And that's not all, it comes only canned with mineral water and salt from Himalayas. More than healthy!

This product is aimed at three main goals, namely, the development of our muscles, proper and effective recovery of the muscles, and a 100% healthy life. Each of its benefits is produced by the acid contained in the Omega 3, which have anti-inflammatory effects. Natural hake from Ribeira is naturally since its processing does not alter its biological value, the raw hake is canned manually, so it is ready for consumption.

Ribeira has created various products with high amounts of protein, such as chicken, tuna, among others. It has made this hake product by canning the raw parts suitable for ensuring a more effective and light digestive process. In addition, it guarantees notable effects in the amount of protein and vitamins of hake, because this is recommended as one of the most nutritious and natural food for daily consumption. Especially intended for athletes.

Food ideal to lead a healthy lifestyle, take care of you and your whole family. Its components high in protein promote the growth of muscle mass of our body and thus allowing maximum endurance at all times.

Facts of Natural hake from Ribeira:

  • It contains Omega 3.
  • It is very low in fats.
  • It does not contain sugar.
  • It is a rich source of protein.
  • It is a 100% natural product.
  • It is completely gluten-free.
  • It can be eaten directly from the can.
  • It is ideal to go on a new diet.

Ribeira brings Natural hake for you, a product ideal to be combined with various highly nutritious products. It is usually recommended for sportsmen due to its contents in protein and vitamins. But if you are a person fanatic and lover of 100% natural food, then Natural hake from Ribeira is the supplement indicated for your food. Keep your body healthy while you give it strength and energy.

Recommended use: eat a (1) can a day, you adjust it to your taste according to the diet. It is advisable to consume it directly from the can because of its juiciness contains a high value in protein. Keep in a cool place.

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