Whey Concentrate - 2 kg
Whey concentrate - 2 kg

Whey Concentrate - 2 kg

33,99 € tax incl.

Whey Concentrate from Raw Physique is an effective sports supplement based on concentrated milk whey protein and minerals. Whey Concentrate comes in an exquisite natural chocolate flavor achieving a product of a soft texture. Whey Concentrate from Raw Physique stimulates the growth of muscle tissue achieving optimal results from each workout.

What do you take it for?
Effect: repair and build, Recuperacion y desarrollo muscular
How is it taken?
Dissolve in water, milk or isotonic drink, With water, juice or milk
Size per dose
From one to two services, One service
How many times?
Once or twice a day
When should it be taken?
After training and between meals, On an empty stomach and after training
Gain muscle mass
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Whey Concentrate from Raw Physique contains a formula of protein and minerals fortified with multivitamins. 

This advanced protein is ideal to support the goals of building lean muscle. In addition, Whey Concentrate improves outcomes in the process of defining the musculature and recovery after training. 

Whey Concentrate is formulated with premium quality proteins and minerals such as phosphorus, iron, magnesium, potassium, chloride and calcium. This formula distinguishes Whey Concentrate from other supplements that have a similar profile. It also contains a multivitamin with vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, C and E and pantothenic acid which optimizes the action of whey protein making a protein shake of the highest quality, with a perfect balance, versatile and it can be consumed in an exquisite chocolate flavor.

With Whey Concentrate from Raw Physique is possible to achieve better results in training, optimizing body image, physical condition and recovery after performing physical exercises. The whey protein also covers the requirements and total protein daily needs. It is a product that can be consumed by anyone during the day, obtaining the benefits of an concentrated protein supplement of optimum quality.

Whey Concentrate from Raw Physique can be consumed as a snack with high protein content at any time of the day, especially after the fasting period, after the night or during training sessions.

In addition, Whey Concentrate from Raw Physique can be immediately ingested by the end of practicing sports or training, over a period of half an hour to achieve the delivery of proteins and minerals needed to support muscle development and regeneration of damaged tissue.

This nutritional supplement contains a concentrate of whey protein, which is ideal for consuming before bedtime or after the period of fasting at night. Whey Concentrate from Raw Physique provides the body with energy, proteins and minerals.

Whey Concentrate from Raw Physique covers the most demanding requirements, in the organism, in protein, vitamins and minerals levels, which occur at the end of the training. The concentrated milk whey protein is easily absorbed and provides a complete protein nutrition, maintaining and stimulating muscle growth. 

Facts of Whey Concentrate from Raw Physique

  • Provides concentrated proteins of the highest quality and high biological value.
  • Stimulates the growth of muscle tissue, while improving performance.

Raw Physique characterizes this product for its quality and purity, containing highly concentrated proteins and maximum bioavailability. Whey Concentrate is mixed quickly without a mixer, for its superior manufacturing process.

In addition, the multivitamin included in this formula improves the results of this product, optimizing the diet during the training period.

Recommended use: Whey Concentrate from Raw Physique should be consumed as a dietary supplement, using intakes of 30 grams diluted in 200 to 300 milliliters of water, once or twice a day, at the end of training.

  • 09/21/2016

proteina economica.

    • 06/29/2016

    Excelente sabor. Muy buena relación calidad precio.

      • 06/20/2016

      El sabor es bueno pero no muy intenso, es una proteína mas limpia por eso la escogí. Si tienes algún bote de proteína vacío aprovéchalo porque este viene en formato bolsa y al menos para mi es mas incomodo, pero si con ello lleva un ahorro estoy dispuesto a asumirlo. Creo que volveré a comprarlo.

        • 06/03/2016

        Muy buen producto y sobretodo el sabor esta muy logrado

          • 05/20/2016

          La primera vez que la compro y tiene muy buena pinta, la verdad...Aminograma bastante bueno y valor nutricional mejor todavía.
          Un acierto en comprar esta Proteína...sabor Fresa excelente!

            de Patricia 2016-07-13 00:21:41
            Estaba interesada en esta proteina para una dieta proteica que estoy haciendo. Al revisar la informacion nutricional veo que pone por toma 2,6 gr de proteina entiendo que es un error y serian 26 gr es asi?
            Raúl Carrasco - IFBB PRO (MM Team) 2016-07-14 18:59:49
            hola patricia, efectivamente se trata de un error, whey concentrate contiene un 70% de proteínas de alto valor biológico a base de concentrado, te ira a genial como complemento de tu dieta hiperproteica.
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