L-Carnitine 3.0 from Raw Physique is a supplement that contains L-carnitine tartrate, the most effective form of carnitine. It enhances the activity of androgen receptors accelerating the growth of muscle mass, optimizing fat burning and improving physical performance. With 0% fat and no sugar.

L-Carnitine 3.0 - 20 Vials

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    Remove fat and Increase your Energy with L-Carnitine 3.0 from Raw Physique.

    If you are training constantly and your goal is to quickly lose that body fat that is bothering you should take L-Carnitine 3.0, the only compound of carnitine in the market that comes in the form of tartrate. This chemical compound remains much longer in the blood and is absorbed faster than other carnitine compounds in the market, ensuring that you burn fat rapidly and get all that energy you need during training.

    L-carnitine 3.0 reduces your bodyfat and helps you generate energy from the same body fat you are reducing, causing fatigue to appear later than normal and you increase muscle mass, always accompanying, of course, by exercise and proper diet.

    Not only that, it is also proven that taking supplements of L-carnitine can protect your heart and reduce the harm triglycerides and cholesterol do to it, and improve memory problems that arise in people due to age, has effects on improving fertility in men and reducing chronic fatigue because of that L-carnitine 3.0 is not only suitable for athletes, anyone can benefit from taking this supplement and also have a better quality of life.

    Although carnitine normally is found in red meats and dairy products, the reality is that if you training is not convenient that you consume a lot of these products because of their significant amount of fat, so it is important that you suplement your diet with L-Carnitine 3.0 which will directly gives all the power of this molecule to your blood without any added fat.

    It is specially interesting that if you are a sedentary person who is beginning to perform exercises, in that case, your natural levels of L-Carnitine are lower than those of a person who have already been training for some time, so ingesting L-Carnitine 3.0 will help you a lot to increase your energy and so do not despair and lose your goals when starting the training.

    Its practical presentation in vials make it ideal to transport it everywhere and can be ingested calmly before doing your exercises, nothing to be carrying from one place to another with giant containers with a powder then you have to mix or even worse, having to ingest carnitine long before your physical activity starts and so losing many of its extraordinary effects on your body.

    L-Carnitine 3.0 The carnitine of comfortable presentation that helps you:

    • Burn bodyfat
    • Increase your energy levels

    Begin now to lose all that extra fat in your body, with L-carnitine 3.0 get the body you always wanted. 

    Recommended use: As a dietary supplement, consume 1 or 2 vials a day, preferably before exercise.

    Opiniones de L-Carnitine 3.0 - 20 vials

    Yo no hago mucho ejercicio pero si quiero adelgazar la puedo usar .No hago ejercicio pero tengo un bar y trabajo de 9 de la mañana a siete de la tarde 2017-05-17 18:42:51
    No hago mucho ejercicio pero si quiero adelgazar la puedo usar .No hago ejercicio pero tengo un bar y trabajo de 9 de la mañana a siete de la tarde
    Hector 2017-05-18 10:00:04
    Buenos dias , la carnitina se enfoca mas para la hora de entrenar o hacer cardio si te lo tomas para ir a trabajar no te ara mucho efecto, si quieres algo mas fuerte y efectivo buscaria algun termogenico al llevar cafeina siempre se nota mas los resultados pero lo mas importante es la dieta que lleves. un saludo gracias
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    Loren 2017-03-09 12:29:59
    Buenos dias. Tomo creatina para mis entrenamientos, es compatible con la toma de l-carnitina?? O es imcompatible por algun motivo, si es asi me gustaria saber los motivos y que me aconsejan. Gracias. Un saludo
    Juan Murcia 2017-03-09 17:42:55
    En principio cada uno tiene una función contraria, pero si consumes la creatina Kre-Alkalina si sería compatible, ya que esta creatina te va a dar los mismoa beneficios de rendimiento y fuerza pero sin retención de liquidos, por lo que, en este caso, sí sería compatible con L-Carnitina.
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