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Hydrolized Whey Protein - 2 kg

Hydrolized Whey Protein from Raw Physique is an advanced protein supplement to be consumed along the training program achieving a considerable increase in lean muscle mass. Hydrolized Whey Protein can also be used for weight loss and improves the energy level in the human body.

    Hydrolized Whey Protein: The protein, based on whey concentrate, most rapidly assimilated, and of higher purity.

    Hydrolized Whey Protein from Raw brand is created Physique, in its entirety, based on Optipep 80 SN that is the whey concentrate from ARLA™, obtained by hydrolysis, achieving a very high quality formula. The hydrolyzate process decomposes larger protein particles into smaller particles, which are absorbed by the body very quickly, allowing the muscles begin to rebuild faster.

    It should be noted the high degree of purity of this product, which has not changed its composition to be more commercial, and provides exclusively whey concentrate hydrolyzate of the highest purity, ARLA™. It provides less than 0.5 grams of fat, and less than 0.25 grams of carbohydrates per intake, getting to be the product of the highest purity of all supplements made from whey concentrate.


    Hydrolized Whey Protein from Raw Physique increases strength and muscle mass while improving muscle recovery. It is ideal to be consumed to acquire completely clean volume, increasing muscle definition through weight training. In addition, Hydrolized Whey Protein from Raw Physique can be consumed for weight loss, using it as healthy meal replacement. No need to be an athlete or professional athlete to consume this sports supplement, it can be ingested by anyone. Protein supplements are used to improve the nutrition of every day, when protein requirements increase. They are also beneficial to the body because they can supply the body with the building blocks required for the generation of amino acids and increase muscle mass.


    The benefits of protein supplementation provide important support to the healthy growth of muscle in the human body. Used properly, these protein supplements provide numerous benefits such as weight loss; because except for the three macronutrients found in food, proteins, fats and carbohydrates, protein is the most abundant in the body. Ingesting a protein supplement as Hydrolized Whey Protein from Raw Physique for snack or meal replacement, it causes a feeling of satiety for longer, so you can eat less during the day.

    Facts of Hydrolized Whey Protein:

    • Made with 100% Optipep 80 SN from ARLA™.
    • Obtained through hydrolysis.
    • Rapid assimilation by the body.
    • Delicious taste and perfect solution.
    • Brings more than 26g of protein per serving.
    • Less than 0.25g of carbohydrates per serving.
    • Only 0.08g of sugar.

    Hydrolized Whey Protein from Raw Physique can be ingested by anyone as a protein supplement, to achieve increased daily protein and also achieving higher energy levels in the body.

    Recommended use: As a dietary supplement, take a 30 grams serving, mixed with 250-300ml of water, preferably after training. 

    Questions and answers
    ¿Se podría acompañar de BCAA o ya con la que tiene añadida tendría suficiente ?
    2018-05-01 10:11:11 Álvaro Maldonado Gámez
    Hola los bcaa haría una toma antes y durante el entreno, la Proteína post entreno. Un saludo
    2018-05-02 10:34:16 Beltran
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    Hola, puede pasarme el aminograma y el porcentaje de proteina pura que tiene? Gracias!
    2018-04-24 02:18:35 Antonio
    Hola puede verlo todo con detalle mas abajo en la descripción del producto al final le pone etiquetado original, y le muestra toda la etiqueta el aminograma no todas las proteínas la contienen ya que no están obligadas. Es un hidrolizado de alta calidad con un porcentaje alrededor del 86% Un saludo
    2018-04-24 10:20:11 Beltran
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