R ALA Box - 60 capsules
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R ALA Box - 60 capsules

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R ALA Box - 60 capsules

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A powerful and natural antioxidant! Alpha Lipoic Alfa (ALA) is a natural antioxidant.
What do you take it for?
Antioxidant, improves absorption of Vitamins C, E, CQ10
How is it taken?
Capsule / s with a glass of water
Size per dose
One capsule
How many times?
Once a day
When should it be taken?
Capsule / s with meals
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A powerful and natural antioxidant!

Alpha Lipoic Alfa (ALA) is a natural antioxidant. It is becoming increasingly recognized thanks to its unique properties that will help you maintain optimal health. In addition to its antioxidant qualities, ALA supports the use of glucose in your body. An antioxidant is neither chemical, natural nor synthetic. It neutralized toxins and free radicals, preventing cells’ damage. 

A free radical is an unstable atom with at least one unpaired electron. It normally tries to find another electron to fill the gap and steals it from the next atom it gets near to causing an incredible damage to our cells.  . Smoking (tabacco smoke), fried food, ozone, excessive sun exposure (the ultraviolet light in sunshine), car exhausts and air pollution produce a lot free radicals. Protect yourself from free radicals by keeping your anioxidant levels high!


Capsule content: 250 mg of R-ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) (Racemico 50% R-S)

Directions: take 1 capsel a day, preferably with meals.

  • 11/23/2016

un magnifico producto con varias funciones garantizadas por una gran marca como es vitobest

    • 10/25/2016

    Buen producto.

      • 06/03/2016

      Buen producto ya saben las virtudes del R-ala. Creía que era R en su totalidad pero veo que es 50% R y 50% S. Deberían aclararlo mejor en la web.

        • 01/14/2016

        Buen antioxidante y perfecto para regular el azúcar en sangre

          • 12/30/2015

          Muy bueno, producto de buena calidad a un precio económico, perfectamente presentado y fácil de usar cada vez que sea necesario en cómodas tabletas.

            • 05/15/2015

            Muy buena presentación en tabletas de 10 uds

              • 05/15/2015

              Muy buena presentación de las capsulas en tabletas a modo de pastillas de medicamento

                • 05/02/2015

                lo mejor de lo mejor...

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