Totum Sport from Quinton Laboratories is offered in the form of convenient sachets. It consists of microfiltered-in-cold sea water, which helps in an important way in the electrolyte balance. In total, it provides up to 78 electrolytes. Recover minerals lost through sweating. It minimizes fatigue and helps reduce recovery times after fatigue.

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Totum Sport from Quinton Laboratories, ideal for improving the electrolyte balance in the body.

Totum Sport from Quinton Laboratories is offered to the public in the form of drinkable sachets. Its consumption provides the body with microfiltered-in-cold sea water, being of great utility for those who practice intense sports activities.

Its success lies in that it collaborates openly with the electrolytic balance, that is, it keeps the minerals stable within the body. Therefore, it manages to keep the body hydrated after an intense workout. Due to its magnificent formula, it is capable of contributing up to 78 electrolytes and several trace elements. Thanks to its intake, it prevents muscle cramps, improves physical performance, improves body endurance, and effectively delays tiredness. For all the reasons mentioned above, it happens that Totum Sport product from Quinton Laboratories is one of the best options for any athlete or person who practices physical activity. In addition, its comfortable format makes it easy to consume and carry, and can use it in lean sports activity. Without a doubt, it is a great alternative for athletes to achieve the maximum type of performance.

Electrolytes are minerals present in the body that contribute to its performance. Their role expands in diverse areas, such as maintaining an adequate amount of water in the body and improving muscle activity. The most common electrolytes are calcium, chloride, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and magnesium. They can be obtained quickly thanks to Totum Sport product from Quinton Laboratories. In this way, you get many benefits, especially for those who are regulars in sports. In fact, it is able to minimize the effects of muscle wear and tear and delay fatigue. It also prevents muscle cramps, which often hamper sports routines and programs. Thanks to this, it becomes an excellent choice for those who want to improve their athletic goals. In convenient format of sachets for its correct dosage. Ideal for daily consumption as well as for moments in which intense physical activity is performed regularly or occasionally.

Facts of Totum Sport from Quinton Laboratories

  • Sachet format for better dosing
  • Contains microfiltered-in-cold sea water
  • Improves electrolyte balance
  • Provides up to 78 electrolytes
  • Prevents cramps
  • Recover minerals lost through sweating
  • Minimizes fatigue
  • Shortens recovery times
  • Ideal for all athletes

With the aid of these magnificent sachets, it has a supplement that optimizes electrolyte balance, prevents muscle discomfort and minimizes muscle fatigue.

Recommended Use: it is recommended to take 3 sachets a day. In sports practice, one sachet is recommended before the exercise, another during the same and another more at the end.

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