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Quinton Hypertonic - 10ml x 30 amp

Quinton Hypertonic from Quinton Laboratories is offered in the form of drinkable ampoules. It contains seawater subjected to sterilizing microfiltration processes. It helps maintain the electrolyte balance. Thanks to its ingestion, lost minerals through perspiration are recovered, favors recovery after extremely intense physical work and reduces fatigue.

    Quinton Hypertonic from Quinton Laboratories

    Quinton Hypertonic from Quinton Laboratories comes in a ampoule format that facilitates its consumption, dosage and also allows to maintain its content in the best possible way. When ingested, sea water submitted to sterilizing microfiltration processes is supplied to the body. This is done with the intention of achieving an effective body revitalization, as well as the recovery of minerals in the body.

    It is ideal for situations in which an extreme and prolonged physical effort is carried out. One of its great advantages is that it favors the recovery after the extremely intense physical work. It also helps reduce both fatigue and dehydration. Much of these benefits are achieved by helping to replenish electrolytes lost through sweating. This means that an optimal level of electrolytes helps to maintain a more stable metabolism and to have controlled levels of H2O in the body. It is recommended for athletes who are immersed in intensive training programs. For all these reasons, Quinton Hypertonic from Quinton Laboratories is ideal for maintaining body power and vitality at peak performance.

    In pursuit of effective sports performance, many supplements and beverages have been sought. The latter are characterized because they seek a more effective rehydration. Nonetheless, products such as Quinton Hypertonic have emerged recently. This is a novel way to meet the requirements of athletes. To that effect, drinkable ampoules are offered. Its content is microfiltered and sterilized sea water. The intention is to maintain the balance of electrolytes in the body, which are lost due to the sweating process. By keeping these electrolytes stable, great advantages to the metabolism are gained. Greater revitalization is achieved. Recovery time after exercise is decreased and fatigue symptoms are minimized. In addition, it happens that this product meets all the norms of the European pharmacopoeia. Of great quality, made under the strictest controls. 100% recommended for those who do sport with intensity and in a routine way.

    Facts of Quinton Hypertonic de laboratorios quinton

    • Ampoule format for dosage and consumption
    • Contains microfiltered seawater
    • Sterilized content
    • Helps maintain electrolyte balance
    • Recover minerals lost through sweating
    • Aids to revitalization
    • Keeps fluid balance in the body
    • Minimizes fatigue
    • Ideal for all athletes

    Thanks to this great product, you can achieve a balance of electrolytes in the body, thus improving metabolism and maintain optimal levels of fluids in the body.

    Recommended use: from 2 to 6 ampoules a day: morning and noon, not coinciding with meals.

    Questions and answers
    Lo probé en mi primera competición. Tiene un sabor salado pero es recomendable antes de salir a la tarima.
    2018-05-14 13:52:02 Jorge C
    Hola la principal toma la haría en ayunas por todo el aporte de minerales que nos da nos ayuda a lo largo del día. Un saludo
    2018-05-14 20:17:02 Beltran
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