Quinton Ocular Hygiene from Quinton Laboratories is a specially formulated spray to moisturize and clean the eyes while maintaining their functions. This isotonic solution is made from seawater and spring water to relieve dry eyes, combat the symptoms of basic eye conditions and counteract the effects of ocular fatigue.

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Quinton Ocular Hygiene from Quinton Laboratories, for you to see life better.

Take care of your eyes every day in a practical and simple way with the excellent spray Quinton Ocular Hygiene from Quinton Laboratories. The eyes are organs that are exposed directly to environmental pollution generated by smoke, dust and pollen, for this reason are prone to develop basic eye pathologies such as styes, conjunctivitis or ocular dryness. To protect your eyes and relieve troublesome symptoms, it is ideal to wash them several times a day with this product manufactured by Quinton Laboratories.

The specialized formula of this spray is made from total, oceanic and natural seawater, manufactured according to the original protocol of the physiologist and biologist René Quinton, reduced to isotonia with spring water. These natural elements guarantee a complete and safe cleaning of the eyes that preserves and optimizes the ocular functions without provoking the typical irritations generated by certain chemical elements present in other formulas existing in the market. Moisturizing and cleansing effect.

This spray efficiently combats ocular dryness, becoming an ally for people who wear contact lenses. In addition, it relieves irritation due to eye fatigue or contact with pollutants. This spray represents a great help to treat and eliminate various basic eye pathologies that disturb the correct and normal operation of the eyes. The application of this product is easy and fast. You do not have to be an eye doctor to maintain proper eye hygiene. If you want to enjoy the benefits of this wonderful eye care solution developed by Quinton Laboratories, you should simply tilt your head back and, with your eye closed, press the spray. You can also apply this effective eye spray, if you feel more comfortable this way. It is recommended that you place the sprayer about 5 cm away. Take this product with you anywhere you go. The modern and light format of this product allows it to be easily transported, guaranteeing different applications that maintain the cleaning of the eyes throughout the day. You can do eyewashes from the comfort of your home, office or after exposing your eyes to the pollutants of the environment. Quinton Ocular Hygiene is the practical and dependable formula that takes care of your eyes.

Facts of Quinton Ocular Hygiene from Quinton Laboratories

  • Relieves eye irritation.
  • Prevents eye dryness.
  • Improves the symptoms typical of basic eye diseases.
  • Daily use.
  • Easy to transport.

Dry and tired eyes? Clean them daily with this spray.

Recommended Use: spray on open or closed eyelid. Perform several washings a day, depending on the intensity of symptoms.

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