Quinton Dermo Action from Quinton Laboratories is a comfortable spray to apply on the skin. It is made of seawater, slightly diluted in spring water. Its application to the dermis maintains the electronic balance in the water molecules, thus avoiding the dryness that so much affects the cutaneous look.

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Quinton Dermo Action from Quinton Laboratories ensures electrolyte balance in the skin.

Quinton Dermo Action from Quinton Laboratories has been designed for skin rehydration. It is composed of oceanic water, slightly diluted in spring water. It is a hypertonic solution, in spray format.

This comfortable format is also rendering, allowing more than four hundred sprays with a single container. Its application on the epidermis ensures the electronic balance in water molecules, facilitating the loads through the effect of electrocapillarity. This is of great importance, since the skin is always in contact with the environment and is susceptible to lose moisture, which leads to a deterioration of it. This loss of cutaneous H2O is prevented thanks to the fantastic action of Quinton Dermo Action from Quinton Laboratories. For its correct use it is necessary to apply the spray on the dermis and then to massage it by means of dynamic friction. This causes the substances to enter the inner layers of the skin, manage to maintain a balance that prevents water from being lost and generate dryness. Therefore, this product manages to maintain a healthy epidermis, looking as youthful as healthy.

Electrolytes are minerals that help maintain fluid balance in the body. These have been present in various areas of the body, including the skin. Its adequate presence in the epidermal areas allows a balance of water to be maintained that prevents erosion and skin wear. For this reason, it is of great importance to preserve them, since otherwise the dermis loses elasticity and they begin to form furrows that in the long run end up being the unsightly wrinkles. Using Quinton Dermo Action from Quinton Laboratories, this electrolyte balance is kept naturally, allowing you to enjoy a properly moisturized skin for a long time. It is offered in a convenient spray format that allows it to be used many times, which must be applied with friction to ensure that all layers of the skin receive the substances. It is ideal for those who are recurrently exposed to the sun and other agents that resect the epidermis.

Facts of Quinton Dermo Action from Quinton Laboratories

  • In spray format
  • Contains seawater diluted in spring water
  • Hypertonic type solution
  • Highly yielding in spray quantity
  • Ensures electrolyte balance in the skin
  • Prevents skin dryness
  • Ideal for those who are exposed to the sun and other agents
  • Easy to use and carry with you
  • Keeps skin healthy and fresh

This fantastic spray is made of natural elements, as it is based on seawater and spring water. Its recurrent use allows to have a healthy epidermis and full of vitality.

Recommended Use: apply the spray to the skin. Then apply dynamic friction so that its components enter all layers of the epidermis.

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