Quinton Action Plus Nasal Hygiene from Quinton Laboratories is a very suitable spray for the cleaning, hydration and health of the nostrils. Made of seawater processed to reinforce the defensive function and delay the appearance of allergic or infectious processes. Highly recommended to enjoy a healthy breathing.

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Quinton Action Plus Nasal Hygiene from Quinton Laboratories: for proper hygiene of the nostrils and its natural defensive response.

Quinton Action Plus Nasal Hygiene from Quinton Laboratories is a spray made from processed seawater that helps to clean and moisturize the nostrils, in such a way that it reinforces the defensive function of the respiratory mucosa, reduces the allergic response and contributes to prevent infectious and allergic processes.

is an alternative that retains all the natural properties of seawater, but produced with all Quinton Laboratories' guarantees to enjoy a high quality product regarding nasal health. As we might know, the nasal mucosa is one of the parts of our body that offers a defensive barrier against microorganisms and toxins present in the air we breathe. To that effect, by protecting us from all these elements, it is normal for bacteria to proliferate, which in the end are incredibly unfavorable for the normal respiratory process.

Abundant mucus, excessive dryness and lack of hygiene are triggers of problems that degrade the health of the airways, so many specialists emphasize the importance of using products that delay the appearance of these effects and a good alternative has always been Quinton Action Plus Nasal Hygiene from Quinton Laboratories. One of the main functions and features of this product is that it contains an excellent formula that retains all the properties of seawater, which cleans, hydrates and improves the respiratory mucosal defensive response. In addition, it is not like any other product for nasal hygiene, in contrast, Quinton Laboratories has endeavored to use the best filtration treatment of seawater for an efficient consumption and with all the guarantees of maximum safety. For use, fortunately, Quinton Action Plus Nasal Hygiene comes in a convenient microspray format, easy to apply and from anywhere.

Facts of Quinton Action Plus Nasal Hygiene from Quinton Laboratories

  • Cleanses and moisturizes the nostrils
  • Increases the natural defensive response to allergies and infectious process
  • Maintains airways health
  • Preserves all properties of seawater
  • Made for maximum guarantee and safety of use
  • Easy to carry, use and apply
  • 100 ml container

Breathing is a source of life, therefore, we must not neglect the hygiene of the airways as they are fundamental to well-being. Using Quinton Action Plus Nasal Hygiene is exactly what we need to achieve optimal cleaning and strengthen the defenses of this area of the body.

Recommended use: as a product for nasal hygiene, apply from 3 to 6 times a day. The spray can be used from any position.

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