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Zero qBar - 60g

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Zero QBar by Quamtrax is a high protein food supplement, perfect for physically active people who require extra energy to perform any type of activity; It is ideal to have it after training or as a snack between the main meals. Recommended for sportspeople and / or amateur or professional athletes.

    Fill your body with extra energy and at the same time enjoy a delicious snack with Zero QBar by Quamtrax, a high quality product for active people like you.

    Zero QBar by Quamtrax is a perfect product to eat at any time of the day, particularly between the main meals, it is useful for those who follow specific diets, since it is very healthy, providing a large amount of protein that will help be active during the day; Athletes will benefit from the consumption of this delicious bar. In addition, it is made with quality and natural ingredients such as whey protein isolate, cocoa, among other ingredients that can vary according to the flavour of the product. It is free of coloring and added sugars.

    What is Zero QBar by Quamtrax?

    • It is a food product
    • It contains whey protein isolate
    • It presents several flavours: chocolate, black cookies, etc.
    • It is a high protein product
    • It has no added sugars
    • Perfect to eat as a snack
    • It provides extra energy
    • Eat it after training
    • Recommended consumption for women and men
    • Great for sportspeople and / or athletes

    What is in each Zero QBar by Quamtrax?

    The Zero QBar by Quamtrax comes in a bar presentation, it has an exquisite flavour and a pleasant texture; It has several flavours, chocolate, black cookies and cookie dough.

    Content per 60 gr (chocolate flavor), may vary according to flavour:

    • It has an energy value of 203 KCal.
    • It has 7.0g of fats, of which 3.1 grams are saturated.
    • It has 14.6g of carbohydrates, of which 1.9 gr are sugars.
    • It contains 11.8g of fibre.
    • It has 19.6g of protein, among other natural ingredients.

    Zero QBar by Quamtrax benefits

    This delicious bar is the perfect option when choosing a food product to have a snack, positive for those who have a healthy lifestyle, combining a daily protein intake. In addition, it can be taken anywhere, in the car, bag, or backpack, and useful to be able to eat it whenever you want; Zero QBar by Quamtrax is perfect to take as a snack at work, university or in your daily walking, in addition, it helps you to get extra energy after your training.

    Quamtrax Zero QBar Bar is perfect for anybody, man or woman in need to add protein to their body and at the same time want to eat a delicious snack. In this way, it can be eaten by sportspeople and / or amateur or professional athletes following their diet, as a essential to achieve their physical progress; enjoy a delicious product and at the same time, get your protein needs of the day.

    Recommended use of Zero QBar.

    • Eat 1 or 2 bars, according to your preference.
    • As a food supplement, have it at any time of the day.
    • Perfect at snack time or after training.
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