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Whey Native Isolate - 2 kg

QUAMTRAX- €6.29= ¡€56.61!

Whey Native Isolate from Quamtrax is an excellent protein supplement, very well developed by Quamtrax from whey protein isolate. It constitutes a way to supply the purest and most natural proteins on the market, which have been enriched with digestive enzymes and also a set of probiotics.

    Whey Native Isolate from Quamtrax: a treasure of pure and natural proteins. Perfect to get large gains in muscle mass!

    Whey Native Isolate from Quamtrax is the solution when looking for a pure and natural protein supplement, as this product has been made in order to obtain the best whey protein isolate, for that reason, its formula was designed for muscle building and gains.

    A quality product that has nutritional properties widely recommended for the proper functioning of the body. In addition to offering in every intake the best sources of whey protein, it contributes to the production of energy, the gradual formation of muscle mass and also the development of sports performance.

    Whey Native Isolate from Quamtrax has positioned itself very well on the market due to its excellent reputation, which is no surprise, as it is one of the purest and most natural protein supplements ever. Therefore, it is an indispensable product to achieve the best performance during training. This is a product that provides muscle mass gains in a totally effective and natural way. In the periods of very rigorous physical activities, there is a noticeable muscular wear, therefore, it is essential for sportsmen to count on a high-efficiency supplement, as the one presented herein.

    This wonderful supplement contains high doses of essential amino acids, where the most important is L-leucine, which promotes a high synthesis of proteins, which subsequently favors and generates the gains of muscle mass that you are looking for. The quality of Whey Native Isolate from Quamtrax also produced by the incorporation of digestive and probiotic enzymes, indicated to improve digestion, positively regulate the absorption by the body and always take care of the intestinal microbiota.

    Whey Native Isolate from Quamtrax has been designed thinking of people or athletes who need to receive high amounts of proteins from their diet. Likewise, it is the ideal supplement for those who seek to maintain, define and gain their muscle mass. No doubt, customers can trust that their acquisition is the best they can do, because this 100% pure and natural supplement is backed by the excellent reputation worldwide.

    Facts of Whey Native Isolate from Quamtrax

    • Provides great levels of leucine.
    • Enriched with probiotics and digestive enzymes.
    • Good digestion and absorption guaranteed.
    • Free of added sugars, antibiotics and hormones.

    Whey Native Isolate from Quamtrax constitutes the best way to receive valuable proteins that your body requires every day. With this incredible nutritional supplement, you have the opportunity to gain, define and maintain the muscle mass you have ever wanted. Get the favorite supplement of the market today!

    Recommended use: mix 1 scoop of the supplement (approximately 30 grams) with 250-300 milliliters of water, milk or any liquid that you prefer. You should take at least two servings a day; the first in the first meal and the other right after training.

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