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Mug Cake from Quamtrax Gourmet is a delicious cupcake that you have to give yourself the pleasure of enjoying. It is an exquisite dessert based on proteins of milk, rice and chickpea flour of great biological value. Indulge yourself with this succulent snack, which is also very easy to prepare.

    Mug Cake from Quamtrax Gourmet is healthy and incredibly delicious. Do not miss out on this delicacy that you can have ready in just one minute!

    Mug Cake from Quamtrax Gourmet is a delicious cupcake, which you can enjoy in just one minute. It has been created with very healthy and delicious proteins of milk, rice and chickpea flour.

    Add to it fruit, peanuts, almonds, raisins, chocolate chips, or any syrup you prefer, to make a mouth-watering snack. Indulge yourself with this exquisite dessert, regardless whether you are on a slimming diet or under training. It is perfect also for those who wish to enjoy a delicious cake, without falling into excesses and that be very easy to make. You can prepare it quickly in your home or as a light snack in your office.

    You will no longer have to deprive yourself of the pleasure of eating something sweet, if you have at hand Mug Cake from Quamtrax Gourmet. This cake allows you to enjoy in a controlled and healthy way. It has a soft and light texture that you will not have to resort to other cakes or occasional snacks. It is ideal to enjoy together with your family, or to entertain unexpected guests. It is a tempting option, if you like sweet things, but you do not know how to cook or maybe you do not have too much time to make special desserts. You can also give your special touch by adding something that you like very much, such as nuts or a little honey.

    In addition to having an incredibly flavor, Mug Cake from Quamtrax Gourmet is very healthy. It may be the cake allowed in your diet, since it is essentially made of proteins. Therefore, it is 100% compatible with being on a diet designed to lose weight. It has the ability to promote muscle development as well as maintaining a toned body. It is a cake completely free of ingredients that may make you gain fat. Have incredibly pleasant moments, with this cake. You can take delight in its flavor by eating it as a breakfast, dessert or healthy snack.

    Facts of Mug Cake from Quamtrax Gourmet

    • Ideal for dessert, even if you are on a slimming diet.
    • Rich source of proteins, being excellent for muscle development and maintenance
    • Soft and light.
    • Can be mixed with other ingredients.

    Mug Cake from Quamtrax Gourmet is an exquisite cupcake, which you can enjoy in just a few minutes. Take delight in its wonderful flavor and the power of its high protein contents. It is exquisite and has the wonderful advantage that you can prepare it anywhere. Indulge in eating a tasty cake, today!

    Recommended use: dissolve a sachet, which contains about 30 g, in a cup containing 60 ml of water, until it becomes a homogeneous mass. Add ingredients to your preference. Then, put to heat in a microwave for 1 minute at 800 W.

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