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Leucine 3000 - 90 tablets

QUAMTRAX- €1.29= ¡€11.61!

This is a wonderful and incredible food supplement made from one of the best amino acids (leucine), presented in oral suspension tablets, not sweetened; in order to offer a superior ease of consumption and take advantage of the properties and benefits offered by said amino acid.

    Leucine 3000 from Quamtrax: what your body needs while you are on a healthy and balanced diet.

    There are amino acids that are essential for the human body, but cannot be synthesized by it, therefore the only way to obtain them is through the consumption of foods that contain them in order to enjoy their benefits.

    Considering that most of the time nutrient concentrations in the food come in small quantities and you cannot consume these foods in large quantities to obtain a lot of nutrients because they could be harmful to health. It has been concluded that a concentrated form is the way go, reason why, supplements are created, which contain a higher concentration of specific nutrients and in a way that the body can easily absorb.

    Following that reasoning, you are presented with this magnificent food supplement that has no equal on the market thanks to the improvements it provides in the performance and endurance of the user who consumes it. Leucine 3000 from Quamtrax offers the user a contribution of leucine greater than any other product, so that you can take advantage of the benefits offered by this essential amino acid, as it is the stimulation of protein synthesis in muscles for better performance in muscle development and reduce the chances of suffering from muscle loss or catabolism, which makes it excellent as a supplement for a training diet because it will offer a better physical performance, very necessary at times of high physical wear. In addition, it helps in recovery after training.

    Moreover, this product also regulates the level of sugar in the blood and stimulates the increase in the creation of the hormone responsible for growth, as you can appreciate this is a product that offers a variety of benefits, which are mainly applicable to intense physical exercises. The formula of Leucine 3000 from Quamtrax is the best on the market and of the highest quality, guaranteed by the company Quamtrax, which specializes in the creation of supplements for high-quality sports nutrition.

    Facts of Leucine 3000 from Quamtrax

    • In tablet format for more comfortable consumption.
    • Stimulates protein synthesis.
    • Reduces muscle loss or catabolism.
    • Provides energy and improved recovery speed after training.
    • Promotes gains of muscle mass.
    • Regulates blood sugar.

    If what you need is to supplement your diet with a product that provides all the nutrients vital to endure the most strenuous training, but without altering your diet, then you should know that the incredible nutritional supplement presented herein is the one you need. Leucine 3000 from Quamtrax will give you that extra contribution you need in your physical exercises, in the fastest and most effective way.

    Recommended use: take 3 capsules daily before or after workouts. Warning! Excessive consumption may cause a laxative effect.

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