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Fitness towel

QUAMTRAX- €1.00= ¡€8.99!
The Quamtrax Fitness Towel will be the ideal tool on your gym training days keeping sweat at bay and hygiene to the brim, it will be the only towel you'll need!

    Quamtrax Fitness towel, sturdy, absorbent and hygienic

    The gym is a place where sweat is a constant that we simply cannot avoid it, but thanks to the Quamtrax gym towel we can keep it at bay, thanks to its composition based on a special synthetic fabric. The Quamtrax Fitness Towel promises to be the ideal companion for all your training sessions, no matter how demanding. It is important to remember that due to hygiene, which is essential is a gym, a towel cannot be missing in your exercise bag. So it is very common to see how its use is mandatory both in the weight rooms and in the spaces where aerobic activities are performed. 

    The Quamtrax Fitness Towel comes to you to solve this problem. Thanks to its special material will keep your body isolated from contact with exercise machines, thus preventing proliferation of bad odors from accumulation of sweat. In addition it also manages to avoid accidents thanks to its effect of immediate absorption, where it hardly comes in contact with a humid body, absorbs all that moisture. It is excellent for machines where the body must be pressed against it and slips can occur that can lead to injuries or muscular tears. The Quamtrax Fitness Towel will also keep skin infections normally caused by fungus, present on gym machines with poor or no hygiene, at bay. Some gyms may provide us with a generic towel, but the best option will always be to count on our Quamtrax Fitness Towel. From this recognized brand of sports equipment you can only expect the best and highest quality, so your buy is a safe point in your favor, both in utility and for your pocket.

    Facts of Quamtrax Fitness Towel

    • Special synthetic material, prevents the accumulation of fungi
    • Ideal size for use in the gym or any other physical activity
    • Easy to wash, both in the washing machine and by hand
    • Prevents accumulation of bad odors
    • Rapid absorption on any wet surface
    • Resistance and durability
    • Does not stretch or curl
    • Does not fade

    The Quamtrax Fitness Towel is the only towel you'll need to buy for your sporting activities, effective and resistant, will help you maintain a hygienic and harmonious workout routine. Without sweat or fungi affecting your skin this towel will be your ideal companion for exercises.

    Recommended use: For sports use, in gyms or aerobic outdoor activities.

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