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DAA (d-aspartc acid) - 120 capsules

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DAA from Quamtrax is a new nutritional supplement that has been strategically formulated through a wonderful combination of ingredients. Among those included we can mention aspartic acid and zinc, as a result, obtaining an excellent product, which, is indicated especially for sportsmen who want to improve their physical condition.

    DAA from Quamtrax is the ideal food supplement to optimize your sports performance.

    The novel DAA from Quamtrax is a nutritional supplement made of natural ingredients such as D-aspartic acid; a non-essential amino acid that is responsible, among other functions, for supporting the detoxification of blood, thus allowing the proper functioning of all other organs of the body, and also promoting the production of testosterone and other substances that benefit the development and growth of a healthy and fat-free muscle mass.

    There are many benefits that Aspartic Acid can bring to our body, such as protecting the liver against the harmful action that ammonia produced by metabolic processes could cause in its operation, promoting its expulsion through the urinary tract. It also provides support for the proper execution of the functions of the entire cellular composition, allowing the production of substances beneficial for the organism and the expulsion of others that are not. In addition, when combined with minerals such as magnesium and potassium during the metabolic process, it promotes rejuvenation and restoration of health and cellular functions. In the same way, combined with calcium, potassium and magnesium, it helps fortify the health of the cardiovascular system. It is of paramount importance for the correct stimulation of the connections of the brain and for the proper functioning of the entire nervous system. For these and many other reasons, the prestigious brand Quamtrax has created the wonderful DAA from Quamtrax, the food supplement perfect to obtain a better physical condition, in an easy, safe and natural way.

    The wonderful combination of aspartic acid and zinc that Quamtrax has used in formula of DAA from Quamtrax has the power to greatly boost the production of testosterone in a natural way, thus favoring physical endurance during the practice of sports, through the delay of the feeling of fatigue. In addition, the use of this amazing product facilitates prevention of the accumulation of fat in the body and also facilitates the increase of muscle mass reaches a very important level.

    Facts of DAA from Quamtrax

    • Boost production and testosterone levels.
    • Helps stop the feeling of muscle fatigue.
    • Acts positively in the increase of the levels of energy for the optimal execution of sports activities.
    • Favors the masculine sexuality, as well as the healthy production of sperm.
    • Benefits the bone, nervous, cardiovascular, immune systems, etc.

    Acquire right now DAA from Quamtrax and help your body to significantly and quickly raise your testosterone levels, thus benefiting the optimal functioning of your body, at the same time that you perfect your physical condition and achieve every goal that you have set out.

    Recommended use: as a nutritional supplement for sports use, take five capsules a day distributed as follows: consume two capsules half an hour before physical activity and the other three capsules before going to sleep.

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