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Vegan Choco Protein Cream - 250 g

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Vegan Choco Protein Cream from Quamtrax is a product made to accompany your desserts and meals in the most delicious way possible, with the delicious and irresistible taste of chocolate and hazelnut, which does not contain sugar, salt or palm oil, but it does contain vegetable ingredients, which are good for health.

  • VeganVegan

    Vegan Choco Protein Cream from Quamtrax, perfect to keep your figure, without taking off taste from your life.

    The delicious Vegan Choco Protein Cream from Quamtrax is the ideal accompaniment to your desserts and snacks, with a wonderful flavor that makes your mouth water with only a bite.

    This is a very nutritious and healthy product because it does not have sugar or salt added, plus it has lots of proteins suitable for the human organism; so you do not have to worry upon consuming this delicious cream due to its healthy composition, which includes a mouth-watering combination of chocolate with hazelnuts that makes it a delicacy that everyone likes. In addition, it is a fully vegan product, completely made with vegetable ingredients, healthy and beneficial, for the body. The magnificent Vegan Choco Protein Cream from Quamtrax is an ideal cream to be used as an accompaniment to delicious snacks or in the preparation of several types of desserts, perfect for spreading on delicious tortillas, pancakes in sweet bread, cookies, cakes and more, thus giving a wonderful taste and nutritive properties to desserts, food, among others.

    Vegan Choco Protein Cream from Quamtrax has large amounts of proteins important to the body, which benefits and helps in a completely delicious way, with that rich and irresistible chocolate taste mixed with hazelnuts that gives it a unique touch that is one of a kind. This wonderful chocolate cream with hazelnuts is perfect for all those seeking a delicious product that does not take them out of shape, be healthy for the body, without having to go on annoying diets that usually force them to give up tasty food and the appetite is completely affected, in a negative way. Vegan Choco Protein Cream from Quamtrax is capable to enrich with flavor and nutrition your palate, you only need to spread it on some food, and that's it, you can eat it with great pleasure. You can spread it on rich pancakes, cakes, bread and any other food you want to make even more delicious. So enjoy the pleasure of eating what you like the most without any concerns.

    With Vegan Choco Protein Cream from Quamtrax, you can watch your figure and body without making unnecessary sacrifices, thus being a product perfect for athletes, sportsmen and other people, who are physically active or not, wanting to find a healthy and delicious product to take care of their body without problems or excuses, besides Vegan Choco Protein Cream from Quamtrax is ideal for vegan and vegetarian people, because all its ingredients are 100% vegetable. Vegan Choco Protein Cream from Quamtrax is perfect in every way, without sugar, salt added and without palm oil. It is very rich in proteins, which are beneficial for your body and has a wonderful and irresistible flavor that your family will enjoy a lot.

    Facts of Vegan Choco Protein Cream from Quamtrax

    • Free of sugars added.
    • Without salt.
    • Without palm oil.
    • Rich in proteins.
    • It is a vegan product.
    • With chocolate and hazelnut flavor.
    • It is perfect to made desserts.
    • Ideal as a spread.

    Vegan Choco Protein Cream from Quamtrax has a irresistible chocolate and hazelnut taste, without sugars, salts or palm oil, perfect for keeping your body in shape without giving up the pleasure of delicious taste.

    Recommended used: as a nutritional supplement, just spread some on desserts or snacks you want to eat and enjoy!

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