Resveratrol is a phytoalexin present in grapes and derivatives such as wine, grape-juice, etc.

Resveratrol + Proanthocyanidin - 60 capsules

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    What do you take it for? Antioxidant and antiaging
    How is it taken? Capsule / s with a glass of water
    Size per dose One capsule
    How many times? Twice a day
    When should it be taken? With meal/ s
    Usos Antioxidants

    Resveratrol + Proanthocyanidin

    Resveratrol is a phytoalexin present in grapes and derivatives such as wine, grape-juice, etc. and in other food such as oysters, peanut and nuts.

    Resveratrol is a surprising molecule that can help us live longer enjoying a healthier life. It is an energy generator that stimulates anti-oxidants production in the body.

    Resveratrol effects are produced at a molecular level, providing the benefits of a slower cellular ageing.

    Resveratrol features

    • Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant.
    • Slows down the ageing process.
    • Increases longevity.
    • Improves physical capacity of those who include this substance on the diet.
    • Has anti-inflammatory properties.
    • Helps to reduce LDL cholesterol levels.
    • Reduces triglycerides level.
    • Its anti-cancer properties are being studied.
    • Obstructs fat storage in the cells.
    • Improves blood sugar levels.
    • Has a protective effect over the eye health, especially over degenerative diseases.
    • Decreases risk of cardiovascular diseases.
    • Stabilizes estrogen production.



    Directions: Take one capsule with water twice a day.


    Supplement Facts
    Serving size: 2 capsulesper serving


    100 mg
    380 mg


    Other ingredients
    : Proanthocyanidins 190 mg, Resveratrol 50 mg, Gelatin (Capsule), anti-caking agent (magnesium stearate).

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