Quamtrax Essentials

Quamtrax Essentials is a brand of high quality nutritional supplements and equipment for athletes belonging to Quamtrax Nutrition, an international company based in Spain since 1999.


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The products by Quamtrax Nutrition are developed by technicians and professional nutritionists based on the latest scientific research and the reality of sports practice, are manufactured with the highest quality raw materials, the most rigorous standards in development and offer safety and efficacy to satisfy the needs of a very demanding public, who only looks for the best, most healthy and safe for their body.

The activity of this company has always focused on continuous production, with an increase in manufacturing volumes in recent years that has not sacrificed quality for productivity and has allowed the company, at all times, to supply the products required by athletes and sportspeople, both amateur and professional, as well as by people who care for their diet and health.

Quamtrax Essentials provides an extensive line of dietary supplements, sports products and accesories, including whey protein based supplements, creatines, energy drinks, fat burners, amino acids and herbal extracts, as well as healthy foods, meal replacements, delicious bars and sports accessories: shakers to prepare supplements, belts, gloves, T-shirts, etc.

Some of the innovative formulas by Quamtrax Nutrition have achieved great recognition and popularity due to their high efficacy and quality, being today preferred by professional athletes, such as those based on IsoWhey, Iso Pro, HydrolyzedWhey and Whey Matrix whey proteins, the anticatabolics Casein Matrix and Super BCAA 4:1:1 or the advanced thermogenic and anabolic formulas Thermo cuts, Massive Gainer and Carnivol.

Quamtrax Essentials has been present in the most important sports-related events, such as the FEFF Spain National Cup, Spartan Race Madrid, Gym Factory, the Arm Wrestling Open, National Strength League, San Silvestre, Francisco Del Yerro Championship, Strength Athletes International Grand Prix, Open Quamax, Expofitness Medellin and Arnold Classic Europe, among others, and has also kept a constant presence supporting sports in the most popular bodybuilding and athletic publications, such as Muscle & Fitness, Flex, Sport Life and Men's Health.

The growth of the brand is continuous, and today the sports supplements and products of the lines by Quamtrax Nutrition are marketed in the EU and in Latin America. The company has confirmed the opening of new markets, thanks to the export effort of this young company that intends to reach the five continents with its products, offering solutions for the athletes who look for the best.