Maltodextrin (Complex Carbohydrate) from Quamtrax Direct is a carbohydrate complex designed especially for you. Its composition has the purpose of offering you the energy you were looking for to start the day with more strength and power in your muscles. It adapts very well if you consume it to perform physical activities or any other type of activities you want. It is also good for taking care of and protecting your body because it is a completely natural product.

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    Maltodextrin (Complex Carbohydrate) from Quamtrax Direct ensures the levels of energy you need.

    Maltodextrin has become an excellent sports supplement, in high demand by strength or high-performance athletes. It is formed by fast absorption carbohydrates. Thus, consuming it guarantees us more energy not only to perform the training, as it also gives us the strength to execute the planned routine.

    This carbohydrate complex, from foods such as rice, potatoes or corn has a high glycemic index, therefore its rapid absorption in the body, Moreover, it is 100% natural since it is extracted from foods that we consume daily. On the other hand, it should be known that maltodextrin is formed by a series of glucose molecules linked in a similar way to a chain, being shorter and less compact than other complex carbohydrates, thus reaching a more rapid and efficient digestion.

    Maltodextrin is characterized by having a rapid rate of metabolism and quickly reaching the bloodstream where it will be used to feed our cell and muscle tissues and thus get an extra supply of energy.

    Maltodextrin (Complex Carbohydrate) from Quamtrax Direct is a supplement that can be used by any person who wants to gain lean muscle mass in a little more effective way. On the other hand, it has a great versatility, so you can add it even in a shake of your taste, because this carbohydrate helps the protein to enter the cell and be used for the construction and repair of muscles. In fact, it is one of the carbohydrates most used in weight-gain supplements.

    Maltodextrin has a high glycemic index that boosts blood glucose levels, which will help us replenish glycogen levels after training, thus maintaining glycemia (presence of sugar in the blood) and energy in long-term exercises. In addition to ensuring rapid adsorption of the organism.

    Quamtrax offers this excellent product, which is a supplement ideal for providing the diet of people having increased energy needs with calories. Considering that the function of carbohydrates in our body is to give sufficient energy to the body, the consumption of maltodextrin is indicated to avoid the use of proteins as an energy source. It is used by athletes, dedicated both to strength and endurance, as it boosts energy at the muscular level and you get an incredible physical endurance.

    Facts of Maltodextrin (Complex Carbohydrate) from Quamtrax Direct:

    • Reduces tiredness and fatigue.
    • Improves endurance and strength.
    • Improves sports performance.
    • Provides a constant supply of sugar.
    • Offers maximum energy for your body.

    If you are a high-performance athlete, this supplement is ideal for you, because thanks to it, you will be able to take your training to a whole new level.

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, mix 35 grams of Maltodextrin (Complex Carbohydrate) from Quamtrax Direct with 250 ml of water.

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