100% Pure Glutamine from Quamtrax Direct is a supplement based on glutamine powder, with 100% of purity and of high quality. It is ideal to avoid muscle mass loss and as a source of energy for processes carried out as a result of doing intense trainings, or being on a strict diet.

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Quamtrax Direct brings to you 100% Pure Glutamine, a product that will help stimulate the muscle growth and replenish the levels of glutamine of the body.

100% Pure Glutamine from Quamtrax Direct has contains 100% pure glutamine. It is ideal to combine with drinks or smoothies. This high-purity glutamic formula helps replenish the levels of glutamine of the body, thus promoting cell repair and muscle recovery.

Glutamine can be considered the amino acid with the greatest abundance in the human body, and is essential for the development and growth of muscle mass. Glutamine helps prevent the breakdown of muscle fibers, supports positive nitrogen balance, improves post-workout recovery, helps gain muscle mass, and raises defenses to strengthen health and boost physical performance.

The body can produce large amounts of glutamine, at certain times, such as at times of too much fatigue. However, it is essential to take this supplement in order to provide the body with an extra supply of this amino acid, as sometimes the body cannot produce the necessary amounts of glutamine. Under such situations glutamine becomes a necessary amino acid to be able to ensure that the different physiological functions have a perfect behavior. Athletes, or people doing fitness activities, the consumption of 100% Pure Glutamine from Quamtrax Direct can be considered very beneficial to meet the needs for glutamine of the body.

100% Pure Glutamine from Quamtrax Direct has no taste, and as it comes in powder, makes it possible for us to mix it with other dietary supplements and even combine it with meals. When doing some exercise, you can lose up to 50% of stored glutamine. When you suffer from glutamine deficiency, the muscles are some of the main affected since the other parts of the body take such amino acid from them, resulting in considerable damage to the muscle tissue. Therefore, it is possible to prevent the breakdown of muscle mass by maintaining a high level of L-glutamine during training or catabolic periods.

Facts of 100% Pure Glutamine from Quamtrax Direct

  • Promotes cell repair.
  • Helps reduce muscle wear.
  • Contributes to accelerate and improve muscle recovery.
  • Helps stimulate the growth of muscle mass.
  • Avoids overtraining.
  • Contributes to raise the body's defenses.
  • Supports the health of the immune system.
  • Contains 100% pure glutamine.

The dietary supplement 100% Pure Glutamine from Quamtrax Direct is perfect for athletes and/or sportsmen who seek to reduce their fat index in the face of a competitive event and do not want to see their muscle mass compromised, or anyone looking to improve their body composition and do intense activities and seek to improve their muscle recovery.

Recommended use: as a dietary supplement. In phases of strength and volume: take a serving (5 grams) after training and other serving before rest. In definition phases: take one serving (5 grams) before and another after training. You can mix it with water, juice or yogurt.

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