Quamtrax Direct

Quamtrax Direct is a line specialized in the production of high-quality sports supplements. It is an initiative of Quamtrax Nutrition. Since 1999, they have been working in Madrid, Spain to offer the best that results from the perfect combination of research, production and specialized customer service. Currently its name is synonymous with safe, quality and personalized service.


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Quamtrax Direct offers a range of high-quality sports supplements that are consistent with the working philosophy of Quamtrax Nutrition. Its products are born as a result of some specialized field research, which have been contrasted with the needs of athletes exposed to intense and demanding physical activities.

Added to this, the company operates under a continuous expansion, establishing its presence on the market in different ways. You can currently find their products at the largest sports supplement stores around the world. They are also distributed through online marketing stores. Moreover, its products are constantly promoted in the main traditional media, as is the case of publications such as Sport Life, Flex, Men's Health and Muscle & Fitness.

Quamtrax Direct does not sell only in Spain. It has also exported to Venezuela, Colombia, Portugal, France, Italy, Uruguay, Morocco and Cuba. And it is a fact that its growth will soon include many new markets.

Quality is an indisputable feature in Quamtrax Direct's products. Its team of nutritionists and various specialists in sports nutrition are committed to achieving the highest level of satisfaction at all times. For this, they use raw materials of the highest quality, with active components that do not fail to give the best results.

Formulas whose efficiency has been contrasted in specialized laboratory studies are used continuously. They are indisputably governed by scientific research and by their results applied to sports practice. This is why, its supplements maintain a high level of effectiveness, which allows them to maintain a privileged place among athletes and trainers of various disciplines.

Quamtrax Direct considers everything necessary to maintain maximum nutrition in the body, and in this way propel "the engines" that drive physical activity. They know perfectly what is needed to boost the levels of energy, increase performance and improve endurance. They also keep in mind what is required for the muscles to develop and thus achieve an excellent physique.

Another amazing highlight is the always sustained growth in sales that this company has every year, which amounts to an average of 30%. This is possible because it maintains competitive prices, that is, within the reach of the general public, and without having to affect in any way the quality of its extensive range of supplements.

Due to everything stated before and more, Quamtrax Direct has become one of the most complete and safest brands to turn to when looking for food products for improving sports practice and overall health. You can rely on its development process, which involves everything that has been proven effective, including research, testing, quality control and major findings of modern medicine. The experience and its constant growth are the guidelines that account for its renewing mentality, which always aims to give the best now and in future times.