Quamtrax Nutrition is a Spanish company which has been working on everything related to nutrition and sports supplementation since 1999, with a great presence in more than 9 European countries and with the firm objective of growing even more, it is a brand that offers the highest quality in all its products and supplements, which is why it is preferred by many athletes and coaches immersed in the sports world.


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The sports world is a demanding area that requires great discipline and responsibility in order to achieve the goals set, this refers to both physical training routines, exercises, practices and also in terms of food, lifestyle, habits and so on. However, food has a special importance in regard to physical performance during the practice of sports disciplines, because it is the main source of energy and nutrients for the body.

While maintaining a balanced diet is important in order to achieve optimal training goals, often a normal diet alone does not provide sufficient potency to the body, and it is necessary to supplement it with quality products that provide extra nutrients to the body, thus allowing to improve strength, musculature, resistance or speed. That is why in 1999 the Quamtrax brand, based in Spain, was born. This company has more than 15 years of activity in the world of sports nutrition, providing various products aimed at improving the overall physical performance of athletes, bodybuilders and sportspeople. From high-performance protein shakes to improved concentrated amino acid formulas, Quamtrax offers a broad line of products aimed at the sports community and the general public that seek to improve their lifestyle by practicing more physical activities and setting aside a sedentary lifestyle.

With a large team of researchers, developers, scientists and professionals in nutrition, pharmacy and sports, Quamtrax offers only the highest quality in each of its products, which are produced under strict international quality standards, which ensures satisfactory results and, of course, safety by avoiding the appearance of side effects that could endanger the athlete's health. Its wide catalog includes protein products, multivitamins, amino acids, food supplements, weight loss aids and other alternatives to have a healthier diet, so it is a fixed quality reference for products made in Spain.

Buying any product by Quamtrax is to have the guarantee that you will have in your hands a product tested and endorsed by the international scientific and sports community and the best of all is that all its products are made from totally natural raw materials, thus guaranteeing products free from chemical additives that are harmful or detrimental to health. It also has other product lines such as a line of products made from superfoods and another dedicated exclusively to the development of supplements based on rapid assimilation carbohydrates. Quamtrax represents innovation, technology and trust deposited in every packaging of each of its products, making it the ideal choice in terms of sports nutrition.