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Delicious Whey Protein - 2.2 kg

Delicious Whey Protein from QNT is a delicious protein, of high quality, that will make your muscle development goals a reality. It contains concentrated whey protein, hydrolyzed and isolated, which combine to provide a safe regeneration of muscle tissues, through a nutritional supplement low in fat and with incredible flavors.

    Delicious Whey Protein from QNT is a protein treat that you must have to gain muscle mass. Do not miss neither its wonderful virtues nor its incredible flavor!

    Delicious Whey Protein from QNT is a protein with an amazing taste that offers wonderful nutritional properties. It will provide you with amino acids that your body must obtain to gain muscle mass, along with a quick and complete recovery. It contains concentrated proteins, isolated and hydrolyzed from whey, and is available in incredible flavors that will make your mouth water.

    What are the characteristics of Delicious Whey Protein from QNT?

    • Offers concentrated whey protein, isolated and hydrolyzed.
    • Comes in varied and very tempting flavors.
    • Benefits muscle gain and a very effective recovery.

    Composition of Delicious Whey Protein from QNT:

    A dose of 30 g, with Belgian chocolate flavor, has the following specifications:

    • Has 121 kcal.
    • Has 2.03 g in fats that include 1.27 g in saturated fats.
    • Contributes with 3.02 g in carbohydrates that include 2.6 g in sugars.
    • Provides 23.47 g in protein.

    * These values ​​may vary with the chosen flavor.

    What is Delicious Whey Protein from QNT taken for?

    Delicious Whey Protein from QNT is an amazing protein that will give your nutrition an incredible boost. It contains proteins that have been concentrated, hydrolyzed and isolated from whey, which make this product an excellent nutritional supplement to gain muscle mass and maintain it for a long time. This balanced combination of three types of proteins has an incomparable texture and comes in very tasty flavors that are an incredible delight for the palate. You must have this product which offers a complete profile of amino acids, of high bioavailability that lacks added sugars.

    Achieve great muscle development and evolved physical capacity with Delicious Whey Protein from QNT. Every dose will provide you with a large amount of protein, which will perfectly complement your daily diet. You no longer have to worry about incorporating amino acids into your meals, as it offers you a complete range, of rapid assimilation and high bioavailability. In addition to the protein concentrate, it contains an isolate that is obtained by a microfiltration and ultrafiltration method that separates fats and carbohydrates. It is also exposed to a hydrolysis process that converts proteins into peptides that are easily assimilated by the body.

    Do not hesitate to buy Delicious Whey Protein from QNT, just incorporate it into your daily diet. It is an excellent ally for all kinds of training, since it perfectly accompanies your sports diet. You will surely have the essential amino acids to regenerate and gain muscle mass. You can also use it as part of your breakfast to compensate your nutritional deficiencies and ensure an incredible level of energy for your daily activities.

    Recommended daily dose of Delicious Whey Protein from QNT:

    • Dissolve 30 g (2 tablespoons) in 1/2 liter of skim milk or water.
    • Take 1 daily dose in the morning, at night or after training.
    • Respect the recommended dose.
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