Protein QuickMix from Chimpanzee is an energy booster based on protein powder, which serves to replenish the body after having several hours of training. It contains 100% natural pure ingredients, nothing that could cause dangerous damage to your body.

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  • Gluten Free
  • Lactose Free
  • Vegan

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Protein QuickMix from Chimpanzee combats exhaustion.

Protein QuickMix from Chimpanzee is the dietary supplement suitable for professional athletes or people who practice physical activity regularly and want to feel more active every day. The ingredients with which this rich protein is made will give you amazing results that are totally favorable for your body, because the protein will not only help you get that energy boost the body needs after long hours of training, but also it has other advantages that will be of your pleasure, since your body will receive help completely from head to foot. The product will be excellent for the brain, tendons, to build muscles and help the body with protein intake.

After having an extensive routine of physical activities the body ends up in total exhaustion, feeling weak, so with Protein QuickMix from Chimpanzee you will make the body feel again filled of energy, it will give the stimulus that it needs so that it does not fall into decay. It will become the ideal supplement in your training days. The product has something very important that at the moment of ingesting it has an extremely fast effect, the changes you will notice from the first time you start to consume it.

The pack in which the product is presented is perfectly practical because it is very easy to store anywhere without taking up much space. The mixture of Protein QuickMix from Chimpanzee is very light and at the time of preparation it is done in an extremely simple way. It has a mild cocoa flavor and maple syrup. This smoothie has the versatility that can be consumed in several ways, you can combine it with water, milk, yogurt, either hot or cold and you can even mix it with food preferably oatmeal.

Facts of Protein QuickMix from Chimpanzee

  • Gives energy back after physical effort.
  • 100% natural ingredients.
  • 50% of the ingredients are of vegetable origin.
  • Dietary food rich in proteins.
  • Gluten-free.
  • Free of artificial ingredients.
  • Consumed in smoothies or puree.
  • The product not only serves to give energy to the body, but also to the brain.

Protein QuickMix from Chimpanzee is the energy boost you need if you feel extremely tired after doing your exercises. These little sachets of proteins with a single intake will fill you with the strength you need to feel active and ready to do anything.

Recommended use: you should consume only once a day, mix 35g of the protein, pour it in 150-250 ml of water or yogurt whether cold, hot or with food, 60 or 90 minutes after each workout.

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