Protein meal - 300g

Protein meal from Nutripak is an exquisite, protein-rich and low-fat food packed tightly after cooking so it does not need refrigeration. One packet contains 300 g of food without coloring. You can choose between: chicken with pineapple sauce and brown rice, curry chicken with basmati rice or lean meat with beans. Each packet includes a fork.

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    Protein meal from Nutripak, delicious food rich in protein.

    Many times we choose fast food because we do not have enough time to devote ourselves to cooking something really healthy or simply because of its rich flavor, but this type of food is a bad choice as it has abundant calories and fats that harm our body. Those days of bad choices are over, from now on and thanks to Nutripak you can enjoy in a few minutes the most delicious and healthy food without having to cook. Protein Food Nutripak is a protein-rich food that was packaged after cooking. Its airtight packaging keeps food fresh without having to use any artificial preservatives or having to refrigerate it.

    Each container of Protein Food from Nutripak contains 38 g of protein. Proteins are essential for the body as they are responsible for renewing tissues, create enzymes that contribute to the digestion of food and give rise to antibodies and hormones that prevent infections and preserve the proper functioning of the body. A packet of Protein Food from Nutripak contains 300 g of the most delicious food. Best of all, you can choose between 3 different menus: Chicken with pineapple sauce and brown rice, contains chicken breasts cut into pieces seasoned with a rich sweet sauce, low in fat, with stumbles of pineapple and brown rice; Lean meat with beans, offers your palate chunks of beef with a spicy flavor covered with a mild chili sauce accompanied by beans, which provide an extra touch of protein; Curried chicken with basmati rice, chicken breasts dipped in classic curry sauce and accompanied by the most soggy and delicious basmati rice.

    These meals can be enjoyed hot or at room temperature. Protein Food from Nutripak can last up to 18 months without the need to be refrigerated. Artificial preservatives, coloring or flavoring are not used in its preparation. Neither are ingredients such as wheat used. The ingredients used to cook these exquisite meals are specially selected to be able to obtain a low fat result. To further simplify the meal time to the consumer, each packets includes a fork. Protein Food from Nutripak is the perfect ally to accompany you in your busy days or your extensive workouts, nourishes your body by providing protein and delights your palate.

    Facts of Protein meal from Nutripak

    • Low in calories.
    • Rich in proteins.
    • Ready to eat.
    • Free from artificial preservatives.
    • No refrigeration required.
    • Includes a fork.

    Give your body Protein Food from Nutripak, delicious, low-fat and protein-rich food ready to feed you any time of the day.

    Recommended Use: open and eat whenever you want.

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