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Vitamin C 1000 - 100 tablets

Vitamin C 1000 from Protein Buzz is a dietary supplement that balances your diet with the most generous and powerful dose of vitamin C. This product provides you with a very suitable amount of said vitamin, so that you can avoid deficiencies and enjoy the benefits of a great nutritious balance.

    Do not let your diet be impaired. Take Vitamin C 1000 from Protein Buzz, so you can nourish your body and enjoy the best qualities of this vitamin supplement.

    Vitamin C 1000 from Protein Buzz is a dietary supplement, based on vitamin C, that helps you meet the daily demands of this essential and very substantial vitamin.

    In this way, you do not have to eat fruit or vegetables rich in vitamin C every day, since this product provides you with an ideal contribution that makes up for deficiency of it. In addition, it is very easy to digest, is more pleasant to take, and since it has immediate bioavailability, your body takes advantage of it even more.

    Vitamin C 1000 from Protein Buzz is a nutritional supplement that offers naturally an excellent amount of vitamin C, which is, a primordial nutrient. Take this nutritious product every day, which will not only help you improve the quality of your diet, in terms of this vitamin. Also, it will strengthen certain vital functions, so that you can appreciate a better and more harmonious health.

    Certainly, vitamin C is very substantial for your body because it fortifies the very valuable immune response, acts as an antioxidant, decreases fatigue, improves the absorption of iron, and additionally, stimulates collagen, which is good for the dermis. In general, this nutrient can be found in fruits and vegetables such as oranges, lemon, pomegranate, kiwi, among others.

    However, it is true that you will not always be able to have such natural foods available, so the most appropriate thing for you is to take supplements fortified with vitamin C. Fortunately, Vitamin C 1000 from Protein Buzz is a standardized product that gives you a very large amount of said vitamin, especially, to enrich your diet. In addition, unlike a simple and / or light fruit, the bioavailability of this supplement is incredibly high and rich, is digested quickly, and of course, is simpler, and pleasant to take.

    For sportsmen, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and others, who take care of their health, Vitamin C 1000 from Protein Buzz is the best vitamin supplement to satisfy the body. And, if we consider the current pace of life, which increases the dietary requirement, we quickly conclude that supplementation is essential to avoid deficiencies. With Vitamin C 1000 from Protein Buzz, you will have all the vitamin C you need for the day. In addition, you can carry this product in your backpack or wallet, and so, you can take it when you need.

    Facts of Vitamin C 1000 from Protein Buzz

    • Provides a good, high and healthy percentage of vitamin C.
    • Avoids vitamin C deficits.
    • Has greater bioavailability.
    • Easy to take.
    • Quickly synthesized.
    • Supplements the diet.

    Make sure you get a correct and accurate dose of vitamin C. Take Vitamin C 1000 from Protein Buzz in order to supplement your diet and enjoy your life every day.

    Recommended use: take one or two tablets of Vitamin C 1000 from Protein Buzz, daily with meals.

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