Maltodextrin from Protein Buzz is a supplement designed to optimize training plans. It has been enriched with proteins and carbohydrates to provide your body with energy quick release. The recurrent consumption of this product not only provides a powerful source of energy, but also a correct muscle recovery after very intense and prolonged physical activities.

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Maltodextrin from Protein Buzz is the supplement to strengthen your performance in physical activities, as it provides your body with carbohydrates and proteins!

Maltodextrin from Protein Buzz is a nutritional supplement that comes from corn starch, transforming into a carbohydrate of easy digestion. It is a product used, above all, to increase the volume of body mass, eventually increasing the weight of the athlete.

Maltodextrin from Protein Buzz is a product inspired by professional athletes, whose purpose is to obtain high levels of energy and enrich their protein content. Ideal for those taking a hard, intense and prolonged training routine. A product to obtain effective results in the days of exercise.

Carbohydrates are considered the main source of energy of the organism. This supplement has the main function of introducing high levels of carbohydrates to your diet in order to optimize the functioning of your body. The consumption of Maltodextrin from Protein Buzz provides the energy you need during very intense exercises over a long period of time. Thanks to its release of glucose in the blood, it also has the ability to delay fatigue, thus allowing you to reach the best performance possible for you.

Maltodextrin from Protein Buzz offers numerous benefits, for example, a growth in energy levels, giving more strength to the athlete. Prevention of muscle catabolism, that is, reduces the chances of muscle loss. In addition, it also delays fatigue, so that you get the opportunity to improve yourself in your hard days of exercise. Likewise, it improves your endurance with extra levels of energy, carbohydrates and proteins.

If you are looking for a food supplement to recover your strength and delay fatigue, then you must know that Maltodextrin from Protein Buzz will play a very important role in your diet. Moreover, it is a supplement to exceed your current physical performance, by enriching your body with carbohydrates, proteins and extra levels of energy. A profitable product to make your exercise routines the most productive you have ever experienced. It contributes to your muscle recovery in any endurance or long-duration exercise.

Facts of Maltodextrin from Protein Buzz:

  • Promotes the physical performance.
  • Excellent food supplement.
  • Provides a lot of carbohydrates.
  • Rich in proteins.
  • Contributes excellent levels of energy.
  • Ideal to delay fatigue and prolong the practice of exercises.
  • Reduces the chances of muscle loss.
  • Ideal to gain muscle mass.
  • Sustained release.
  • Contributes to muscle recovery.

Maltodextrin from Protein Buzz provides numerous benefits to increase your performance during the practice of physical exercises. A food supplement that enriches your diet with lots of carbohydrate and proteins. In addition, it also provides high levels of energy, while delaying fatigue, so you can get the best out of you exercise routine. Thanks to this supplement, your workouts will have the most effective results.

Recommended use: dissolve 1 spoonful of 35 g in 150-250 ml of water, or your favorite drink.

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