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Hyper Boost - 390 g

Hyper Boost from Protein Buzz is a supplement that supports athletes by offering them extra power to perform with more enthusiasm the training routines that are scheduled. This product is used before training. It contains a high amount of caffeine and other components that offer all the energy necessary to successfully complete every training.

    Perform your exercise routines with more drive and determination using the best pre-workout: Hyper Boost from Protein Buzz. Energy to the fullest!

    Hyper Boost from Protein Buzz is a supplement that is used before training because it contains caffeine, a component that provides the body with extra energy, thus serving as a stimulant to the senses and urging you to perform the routines with greater drive, strength and vigorousness.

    Another of the most important ingredients in this product is l-tyrosine, an essential amino acid that is part of proteins, and therefore, of the various functions performed by the body for the physical development. It has other components with extraordinary properties, which combined in this product of unique characteristics whose results are guaranteed by this prestigious brand.

    This wonderful supplement contributes in its most complete way to increasing the physical performance, which includes greater endurance capacity and strength, in the execution of physical exercises, whether they are of high intensity or not, as well as to a quick recovery to continue with your daily routine without any inconvenience. In this order of ideas, Hyper Boost from Protein Buzz also provides its consumers with extra energy, which is reflected in the exact moment that the different muscular movements are made, which will later result in muscle mass gains and, therefore, reach the desired physical appearance.

    Hyper Boost from Protein Buzz is great for anyone who wants to get, in a healthy way, power and extra energy to carry out a highly intense training routine, which requires to be constant in the execution to reach success. Now, this wonderful supplement can be consumed by both women and men who have a normal state of health. In addition to this, sportsmen and/or athletes from different disciplines can make use of this great product, since it generates some momentum beyond their capabilities, thus exceeding their expectations.

    Facts of Hyper Boost from Protein Buzz

    • Nutritional supplement.
    • Excellent pre-workout.
    • Contains caffeine.
    • Contains the amino acid l-tyrosine.
    • Boosts power and energy levels.
    • Improves physical performance.
    • Perfect for any healthy person.
    • Ideal for sportsmen and/or athletes.

    Nothing better than having a supplement that offers you the results you expect, that exceeds by far your expectations. Well, that is exactly what Hyper Boost from Protein Buzz is. But, there is even more to it, as it is a product you can trust because it was made from quality ingredients whose effects are shown through the physical changes that are obtained, either in short, medium or long time.

    There is no doubt that this is a quite promising product, which you should take advantage of in order to bring your dreams into reality. Go for it today!

    Recommended use: as a pre-workout supplement, take 1 dose of approximately 13 grams, 30 minutes before the training begins.

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